Joseph Biden...

  1. Joseph Biden...

    I was already apprehensive about Obama's run for presidency, now that he's selected Joseph Biden as his running mate, I've very concerned.

    I'm trying to find out anything I can regarding McCain's stance. The only thing that I can really find is that McCain is against anabolics in sports (which I understand) but I don't see a stance on them in general, as used by gym rats. He has even tapped Sly as a celebrity that is endorsing him and his run for presidency.

    If anyone has any additional information regarding McCain's view I'd love to see it.

    Yes, this is SilentBob trying to be an educated voter. Don't tell anybody.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  2. I do understand your concern on this issue with Biden, however, even though i disagree with Biden on this, to me this is just not as important as other issues facing the nation where I think he excels
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  3. Listen - Biden is anti ANYTHING that lifters, fitness seekers, etc, use as a supplement. From Whey Protein to Creatine to NO2 to Winstrol, he views them all the same and wants the whole industry put under FDA control. He even made a remark about MLB players "drinking creatine shakes all the time" when referring to anabolic substance abuse in MLB. :bb3:

    BUT - in the long list of important factors in this race, this one is way down there.

    From my view, its still the 1st most liberal (radically liberal in fact) Senator (Obama) and the 3rd most liberal Senator (Biden) now teamed up. Socialism anyone?

  4. I think a call for socialism is a bit much. Considering Rep Sen Lugar from Indiana has mentioned how much Biden works across the aisle, as McCain mentioned about him as well
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  5. Supplement fans have NO friends in Congress. Period. If you think the Reps or the Dems are going to do us any favors, think again.

  6. 100% correct bio. They dont care, they will look out for big pharma as they give them so nice $$$$$$$$$
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  7. Ron Paul ftw....

    This guy would've been the best thing for this country BY FAR. I would probably give my left nut (no joke) to get this guy in there.


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