Bulk Cissus $8.99

  1. Nice!
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  2. Great deal! Man, I'm gonna be broke.

  3. Just in time for my refill...

  4. Hey guys, I am thinking about getting some Cissus, actually I know I will in the very near future. Just wondering if it tastes horrid and should be capped or can you stomach the taste. For reference I dont mind Bulk ALCAR's taste. Thanks.

  5. I've actually UN-capped it many times and mixed it in with my post-workout shake just to get quicker absorption (so I can eat my post-workout meal quicker). I don't know if this goes against their "empty stomach" suggestion, but it works. And the taste isn't quite as bad as people claim. A couple times I've even pulled the caps open and poured the cissus straight into my mouth, washing it down with water. Very strange (but tolerable) taste -- with an almost "sweet" aftertaste.
    One question on your bulk cissus, though: Aren't you the company that had it's cissus powder stuck in Customs for a long time? I remember reading where you said this had changed some property of the powder -- it had lost some potency; or it had become more densely packed; or something weird like that. This concern had steered me back to purchasing the original USP caps. Are my concerns unjustified? Can you assure us that your bulk powder is still effective? Is there just a modified dosing requirement? blahblahblah...

  6. I mix it with my shakes and I can still tell a difference in my shoulders and knees.

  7. damn sweet sale.. how long will this be going on for?

  8. Says "Stock Status: (Out of Stock)". When will you be getting more in at this sale price?

  9. damn you know someone probably bought a bunch of it all at once =(

  10. Yeah, we should have put a limit on it. The next run will be a little bit.

  11. thats a damn good price!


  12. Quote Originally Posted by stri8ted_planet
    Yeah, we should have put a limit on it. The next run will be a little bit.
    When will you be getting more in?

  13. Its in stock.


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