whens cissus back in stock

  1. whens cissus back in stock

    any idea when it will be back for sale? thanks

  2. USP Cissus back in by the end of the week. Bulk Cissus is going to be a little while.

  3. Bump for bulk cissus. I was going to order today until I saw it was out. Super angry! lol


    How much green tea is there in your "GREEN TEA-POWER" for $6.95

  4. not sure on the cissus. Here is the grean tea power breakdown

    Certified Potency Green Tea Leaf Extract (Standardized for 15% Polyphenols) 999 mg
    Green Tea Leaves 300 mg

  5. Yea, I'd like a headsup on the Bulk Cissus when it comes back in. I'd like to give it a try since I'm a religous user of Cissus RX. Just more powder to throw in my shakes

  6. damn.....A huge smile came upon my face when I saw that bulk Cissus...only to find it's not in stock.....


    What are the chances of this being in within the next week?

  7. Bulk cissus not in stock is the only thing preventing me from placing my first planetary order.

  8. Be here soon! Should be a couple days.


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