3 month transformation

  1. 3 month transformation

    I set out on a 6 month goal to lean up and beef up, here's 3 months in
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  2. Pretty impressive! Is that all natural or did you use some supps?
    Either way great job!

  3. Nice, dude crazy transformation so far!

  4. good job man. has me inspired.

  5. sub'd....wut'd u do man? good gains

  6. nice job

  7. nice I posted mine on myspace. HOLY SHIZZLE a got alot of hits... take your 2 pics and make them one and put them on your main profile pic

  8. great job in 3 mths

  9. Very impressive m8. I hope to do this over the next 3 months as well!

  10. Yeah, tremendous change in your physique man...have you logged your workouts here?
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---

  11. At first glimpse, your after pic looks like you're playin a lil bit o' pocket pool. Haha, but serious note, good results bro

  12. Great job man, keep it up!

  13. good work

  14. amazing progress. you look pretty pissed off though lol

  15. thats impressive man imagine what you will look like in a year or so

  16. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the compliments

  17. I'd be smiling if those were my pics lol. Great job man!!!!!!!!!

  18. Great work

  19. Thats def impressive work but why so serious lol


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