Newest pics.. thanks IA

  1. Newest pics.. thanks IA

    here we go

  2. Looking jacked Lake! Those are some sick traps you got there!

  3. Yeah awesome inspiration on those traps , nice biceps too

  4. traps are genetically insane.. unfortunately my biceps aremy weakest part.. they are extremely sad

  5. holy sh!t dustin! what happened, you blew up big time bro... whats your stats now? talk to you later

  6. haha actually i dont have stats yet.. ill figure out as soon as i can

  7. damn!! must agree, crazy traps! what to you do to work them out?

  8. that is the crazy part.. i dont work them out!! not one exercise do i use specifically on traps.. deadlifts and stuff take care of the ol traps.. its just genetic. just like my biceps suck a$$!!!
  9. Thumbs up

    Very impressive Lake. Iron Addict is the man!

  10. Bro looking good, I don't think your biceps are that bad. Everything seems proportionate so thumbs up bro and keep up the good work. Later J

  11. thanks for the compliments.. its just the way my arm is positioned.. if i did a double bi pose (wont do because of biceps haha) you would see how much bigger my tricep is in proportion to my plateu'd bicep

  12. here is another one i forgot to attach


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