february to may progress

  1. february to may progress

    i workout 5 times a week usually and eat 4-6 meals per day. i guess you could say im trying to bulk but i eat extremely clean. nothing but eggwhites chicken breast turkey and lots of oats and wheat breads.

    in the first pic i was about 180-185ish.
    the latter 2 pics are recent, weighing just about 200 lbs.
    neither are pumped up, both ice cold.
    btw i am 6'3''

    im not trying to bulk TOO much as I am actually trying to do some modeling on the side

    advice and comments appreciated

  2. i really need to broaden my delts. i try to focus epecially on them but they refuse to grow. any advice anyone?

  3. i believe your upper chest could use some work...

    and lets see your wheels and calves!!!

  4. looks pretty good.....what does your 5 day split look like?

  5. Looks good. I think some front and lateral raises and perhaps some upright rows would bring out your delts and help tie the whole package together. But great progress!

  6. you look good..

    ..and kinda like brad from the Real World.

  7. Looks good bro! Just keep doing what your doing and yea your upper chest could use some but thats all going to come man. And shoulders, nothing slaps size on there like some good presses! Arni presses, DB presses and behind the neck bro just switch em up. And don't forget to get those rear delts as well that's where you will see them fill out.

  8. Definitely delts need improvement... Any leg shots?

    Maybe incorporate a standing overhead press if you dont already.. this seems to hit both front and rear delts.

  9. i dont know where the OP went. He just posted this and like left. lol


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