New pics- 14 weeks out from INBF NaturalMania

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  1. lookin good dude. lets get another double bi pic so we can see the dif.

  2. you are looking good when will you start cutting carbs?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Svgeman View Post
    Yeah man , good job on the legs .
    x2 great job on the legs

  4. wow its been a while since i posted on AM

    Been real busy with diet, training, studying, sleeping etc.

    Waistline is finally down to 29.5 inches
    and feeling pretty ripped.

    Still some fat on the good ole' legs to pound out.

    Will post pics soon.
    *yay, you guys get to see me all flat from being carb-depleted* :bb3:

  5. nice nice...just keep us updated with everything man.

  6. Wow looking good man. Very good for all natural...

  7. here are my pictures i took about 3 weeks ago?

    bad lighting but oh well.

  8. Great Work!

  9. any new updates man?! arent u doin a log for shred matrix too?

  10. damn bro your looking shredded to hell. Im in the middle of cutting right now and i think i hit a plateau on my routines. What does your workout routines look like?

  11. very impressive!
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  12. bit of an old thread but impressive still!

  13. cut looked good, good luck with comp.

  14. ****, what a cut. you are the man...

  15. Hell yeah. Great for natural cut.

  16. Awsome job man!


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