****New Pic****

  1. KFlex
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    ****New Pic****

    Here's a back pic from about 4 months ago and 1 from a few nights ago.

  2. Looking good bro.
    So how long did it take for you to get over that rash and **** you had last time you posted.


  3. KFlex
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    I got it off and on for about 3 weeks but it was'nt near as bad as the first time. But it's all better now.

  4. Damn brother, looks like your coming along just fine man. How much you weighj now? You still takin' in 5000-6000 calories?

    nice job.
  5. KFlex
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    I was cutting for a show I was going to do in Nov but I decided to hold out until next year, I cut down to about 185, and I'm back around 205 now. Yeah, I'm still taking in around 5000-6000 calories

  6. Very respectable progress. Good job!


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