1 year 3 months back progress.

  1. 1 year 3 months back progress.

    the first one is the old.....i laughed when i seen it ...first month i started lifting......
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  2. Looking good...
    What type of workout and diet were you on?
    SFW and GFH

  3. i dont really have a specific diet....just lots of food....watch my carbs at night , lots of protein.

    i do a 5 day split somethin like


  4. i laughed at both of em'!!!!!!!!!!!

    jk. nOice jOb!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A lot of mass put on in your back, traps, and shoulders. Very good progress.

  6. You've thickened up your back nicely. Great work!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  7. plus you cleaned up your acne! and your arms dont look as hairy! good job! haha


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