january to may progress

  1. january to may progress

    as the title says really. only started cardio and weights in april when the weight loss slowed down. the first pic i was 290pounds and the second one about 230 pounds still got a long way to go to get lean. anyway thanks for looking any oppinions welcome.
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  2. Very impressive job. Keep at it and you'll get there.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. good work man!,

    props for sackin up with the pics.

  4. Your doing hella of job ! Yeah stay focused n keep motivated ....you'll get there 4sure !

  5. great job bro... keep working hard and you'll achieve your goal

  6. keep up the goodwork man!

  7. noice! NOICE! man, you have dropped 60 pounds so far. that is a whole hell of a lot. as the others stated, keep it moving, and then, when you get to about 200 or so, REALLY HIT IT HARD with that iron and keep a strong diet. you'll build muscle that'll help burn the rest of that goop, m'man.

  8. Dang Porky your username doesn't quite fit after all that weight loss. Keep up the good work that is pretty impressive.

  9. porky has kind of been a long term nick name. might have to change it to not so porky lol

  10. Gj Brosef i was at one time 225, eating Mickey D' everyday because my grandma spoiled me lol, She insisted we'd get food after school each and everyday and then it just was eating Like 2-3 quarter pounder meals a day and then i started like ya and dropped 65lbs, So congrats man, it takes alot of effort and will power to do what you're doing (Determination).

    Keep it up

  11. That's awesome for 5 months.

  12. porky, whats your training regiment like? are you mainly focusing on weight lifting or cardio exercises?

  13. Very good! Keep it up!!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by DormantFiber View Post
    porky, whats your training regiment like? are you mainly focusing on weight lifting or cardio exercises?
    at the moment im doing a five day split with 30 mins rowing machine after the weights

  15. way to go


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