Electronic BF Tester at Gym got me at 28%!!

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  1. Lol, everyone is an expert at guessing bodyfat I guess.

    Electronic BF tests have a swing of like 5%. Calipers have 2-3 if I remember correctly and a dunk tank can get closer.

    Numbers aren't super important, take pics and go by the mirror and it will be much more rewarding than guessing numbers. The only time I used numbers is when I tried to get my BMI to be obese and still have a six pack (almost got it too lol).

  2. Quote Originally Posted by RobInKuwait View Post
    Thanks for the input guys...

    What do you guys think about the velocity diet? I think I may give that a go.

    ITS F-IN HARD! I think I have a lot of discipline but I can not do that damn diet. Its not like I enjoy food that much, its just that I hate the pains in my stomach.

    OH, to the original post... those machines are useless... either way, you should not be happy with your current blankets of fat you are covering your muscles with. Once you unveil them, you will never do that **** to yourself again. speaking from experience...

  3. you're fat.

    just kidding...


  4. why not just get a caliper and do some pinches and record the measurements then just plug them in here http://www.linear-software.com/online.html I think they go as detailed as 5 points or so, then when you measure do it a couple of times and take the average and enter it into the site
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  5. I think we generally under estimate our bodyfat percentages by 5% give or take. When I see people on hard cuts prior to a competition I realize yes I'm carrying alot of fat still even going from 6-2 285 to my current 215 in 4 years.

  6. Old thread but yeah people underestimate there BF by huge amounts. If the OP really started at 22% BF he would have had 210lb muscle with zero fat. That would make unreal look small as he doest even break 200lb of lbm. People gotta factor math into the equation to see if it actually makes sense. I mean we all wanna think were less but if the math says it's not possible than you know your wrong.

    Some people hold BF real evenly and don't look like they have a gut even thouh they are 28% and others have a gut at 22% so you really need to see a few views and factor in various things to try to estimate. When in doubt add 3% lol

  7. ^^^^^yeah, whats up with all these crazy estimates on these bodyfat pics... this guy is NOT over 20

  8. It's crazy how all over the place everyone is on their estimates.

    I say.....24%
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    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  9. Probably not to to far off :-/


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