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    heres an idea:

    In a rice cooker, what about putting the chicken breast in with the rice over night. Would it cook the chicken too?

    i find that in Aus you can get turkey chops for cheap ($7/kg) and I like their natural flavour
    its like steaming the chicken though. if you dont mind it tasting dry give it a try. What I did before which was a similar method was sticking chicken breast in the oven. all the seasonings I mentioned in the above post, with olive oil. The olive oil actually seems to add additional flavor to the chicken, and theres no like burnt black oil stains or w/e on the chicken. It doesnt taste as greasy. Try it its pretty awesome. I did like 450 for 7-8 minutes with a small amount of chicken. Tender, absorbs all the flavor and extremely healthy. Oh the secret is to wrap it up in aluminum foil and before that squirt some olive oil on it. Wrap it up and let it so called "bake"

  2. I prefer turkey chops

    I pop it in my oven at around 250celsius for 3-4 minutes and then flip. It's pretty good, and usually costs less then chicken breast



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