Buggy at 178lbs

  1. Buggy at 178lbs

    These are recent pics taken a few days ago. The last pics i posted was 6 months ago, i was 167.. Im 10lbs heavier now..

  2. leg shot, although the pic does no justice for my legs..

  3. another

  4. You are one ripped up bastard. My main concern would be your lower legs. Calves need some work for sure. My theory is that if your knees are bigger then your calves you need to put more emphisis on them. Your probably saying I work the hell out of them but they just wont grow. Workem hardier, they will. Youd be amazed at the weight your calves can handle regularly.


  5. Ohh and the shower slides and grape smugglers dont do justice either.

  6. Yeah i know what you mean.. Ive really been getting into the calves lately. Im gonna make them grow no matter what..

  7. dear lord you are shredded

  8. I am training with this ripped mofo this coming Monday.

    Nice job, Buggy!

  9. good job. keep it up bro.

  10. I'm jealous!

    Seriously, I feel your pain on the calves brother.. Other than that, you're damn ripped..

    I stop thru massmonsterz quite often, brother.. Good forum you guys run over there..

  11. Hey buggy, looking all kinds of shredded!! As you know at this point I guess...we all hate calves (stubborn bastards!) Definitely a solid 178, how tall are you anyway?

  12. im 5'8 inches, not sure how tall that is in centimetres.. I absouletely smashed my calves 2 days ago, i can hardly walk. Hopefully by the next time i post pics in 6 months i'll be bragging about how big my calves are...

  13. Lookin ripped bro! Intense dedication right there!

  14. ripped as hell, good job bro!

  15. Looking hella ripped bro. Keep pumping

    FSU or Die


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