Low 184lbs to high 187lbs

    Nearly 3 months of working out now
    need feed backs on hard day to day splits that will improve
    my muscles , routines !! ty

    Well this is how far Ive gotting
    it has almost been 3 months of working out

    end of October 2007 I was 200lbs
    im 5"10 - 5"11

    Around October ... I was heavier but this is the only
    picture i have of then \ 197-200lbs


    And now im low 184lbs high 187lbs

    Thinking to drop down to 170 then Bulk from there
    Or should I Keep it down to 180
    I want to Cut and bulk more but..
    I need help...
    Need advice on it.. + need advice on day to day splits
    I go 24hr Gym from Sunday to wednesday 3 days to 4 days
    every other week. And I feel like.. I am not getting anywhere
    AT the moment.


  2. Bulk:

    ~ Fundamental Guidelines ~
    • Workout hard - There are many different workout regimes, many that work well. Generally: Strength training is in the 6 rep range / Bodybuilding in the 8-10 rep range. - Rep range warmup: 15 ( sets 1 & 2 ) Working: 10, 8, 6 last three sets add drop sets to failure )

    • Fast Efficient Workouts = 1hr - This is not hard and fast but studies have shown that Cortisol rises after 1hr

    • Protein shake immediately after workout and then protein meal with carbs etc within 1hr

    • Creatine - Mono or CEE you decide. Both before and after workout.

    • Daily meals - 5 - 6 day ( including shakes ) protein = 1g per pound of body weight. Meal 1 ( breakies ) is shake plus oatmeal or whatever else you want ( apple is good fibre / system crap mover ), Meal 6 is post workout shake with creatine etc and then solid food meal. Carbs tapered down from morning to evening and fats tapered up from morning to evening. Protein is a constant.

    • Sleep 8 - 10 hrs a night ( very imp for all natural BB'ers )

    • Supps - Do you note the order in which these are and where supps come??? - a) Multivitamin / B complex b) Whey protein c) creatine e) Test boosters / stacks etc

    ~ Exercises ~
    • Squats - Biggest muscle and boosts test like crazy, work em hard and see results big time.

    • Deadlifts / Chins / Bent over Rows / Pulldowns - 1st attempt either an palm up or palm down chin at the beginning of your back workout, if you can do one, try two, if you can do 15, add weight. Most important for back is to make the mind / muscle connection. Concentrate ( start with low weight and excellent form ) on getting a good contraction and not swinging with the weight. Calm controlled up down with good squeeze of lats at bottom of rep. All about the connection / squeeze

    • Leg press

    • Flat Bench Dumbell / Barbell - Always swap it up, it takes more muscle etc to do dumbells ( stabilizing muscles etc ) but switch it up - Start with dips to hit lower chest then move to flat bench / incline.

    • Core work - Abs / lower back - work the weaker harder.

    This should give you a good idea....Best thing for test.....squats ....good form, warm up well, be careful and grow!

    Here's some links to get you started:

    Training Primer

    HIIT High Intensity Interval Cardio Training

    Bill Starr 5x5 - Madcow Intermediate or Linear Version

    Bodybuilding Nutrition - Sample Bodybuilding Diet

    The Training Information Vault (programs, exercises and more) - Forums

    Anabolic Diet | Sample Bodybuilders Diet

  3. ^^^ Golden advice!!!

    PS - I love your profile video. HILARIOUS!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by krazy View Post
    ^^^ Golden advice!!!

    PS - I love your profile video. HILARIOUS!
    "I'm going to put this chalk up your nose and out your finger.......and that's IMPASSIBLE!!!"

  5. some of the bb on a site in the uk were i am, usually advise,

    15% or above cut abit then bulk clean as it will be more benificial

    14% or below bulk clean.

    but thats if you are lookng to get into bb, if not then think what you want, remember most find it easier to cut than bulk clean. but you gonna do it bro do it clean in my opininon.

    good luvk

  6. My guess is you're around 18% body fat, like me. I should be cutting but it effects my strength too much. Being a powerlifter, this is not a good thing. If I were you I wouldn't bother cutting till you've put on some size. Just keep lifting and eating. Putting on size takes time. Nice back piece too. I hope the acne's not from sus


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