My Summer Bulk Pics

  1. My Summer Bulk Pics

    well, as i promised in the contest thread, i've got some new pics from the end of my summer bulking cycle. i know, summer bulking, its kinda weird, but its the best time for me. i can get tons of sleep, i can eat whenever i want, i dont have anything that i really have to worry about other than eating, sleeping, and lifting, i can work more to get more money, etc... anyways, my first pic is in that contest thread stickied at the top, i guess i'll post it again so that u can guys judge how well i did this summer. i didnt gain quite as much mass as i hoped to, but its ok, this winter im gonna get HUGE. anyways, current stats:
    167 lbs
    havent taken any measurements recently
    bench: 240
    squat: 380
    deadlift: 360 (new pr as of today!!!)

    anyways, here r the pics:

    beginning of summer:

  2. end of summer:

  3. front double bi's (as u can tell in these last 2 pics, my right bi is smaller than my left, but im workin on it):

  4. last one:


  5. keep up the thin waist line, your off to a good like you i am also bulking right now and have been having great results.... i have 2 more weks on my ph cycle..............good luck bro and eat like a mf"er

  6. You're doing well, drfly.

    There's one thing you should be very careful about, as I can see in your pic : your spine is not straight. This is quite common, but lifters must be very careful to do EVERYTHING to straighten the spine, because otherwise, with all the weights (you do squat 380!) it will tend to get worse. I do believe I can tell that this condition has gotten worse in your summer bulking.

    If you can get care from an osteopath, that may very well do wonders for you. You will do well to heed this advice while you are young, flexible and before you turn into a mass monster, which will make it all the harder to rectify this.

    Your right bicep being smaller than your left is only a symptom of this. This may be a spine-only problem, but it may have its root as low as your foot arches, your ankles, etc. Some people have one leg longer than the other one, and that creates this problem. DO TAKE CARE.

    One exercice that will probably help you is a football-player thing : lie on your side, one foot on top of the other, legs on the mat, and support your upper body with your elbow. Then, raise your hips to straighten your spine. Do the normal reps you usually do. You can put a dumbell on your hip (put your towel between the DB and your hip) to do this. Repeat on the other side.

    What this will do is greatly strenghten your "lateral spinal stabilizers" - I don't know the name of these muscles. You will certainly feel the burn/DOMS very close to your spine when this is done properly. This will help a lot, but I do still urge you to consult an osteopath and an orthopedic surgeon. They will have a better view of the situation than a trainer on the 'Net.

    Cheers, strongman

  7. you did an awesome job with your bulk...back is noticeably thicker..good job others have said u r off to a good start. keep up the good work bro!

  8. thanks for the comments guys, i thought i posted a reply earlier, but i guess it didnt work. anyways, to start off, i have been eating like mf'er, right now im just maintaing at about 3000 calories a day, but when i was bulking i was takin in about 4100 on average. at first i thought it would be really hard to take that much in, cuz how hard people make it sound, but when i actually tried it, it really wasnt that hard, i just ate like 8 times a day, with about 500 calories per meal. in fact, a lot of times at night i would still be a little hungry, and i dont even weigh 170, so i dont wanna hear anymore guys that r like 190 talking about how hard it is to get in those calories when bulking. anyways, about the curved spine or whatever, i think mainly the angle in that picture is deceiving, but i do think it is a little curved, due to the way i sleep and my matrress, so ive started doign some little excersizes to help, and started sleeping on my other side, its already made a pretty big difference just after a few days.

    anyways, this winter when im in between sports im gonna really try to put on a bunch of mass, much more than the like 10-12lbs i put on this summer. so hopefully that will go over pretty well.

  9. nice bulk man, your gains r very noticeable. What were your stats before your bulk, and then your stats when you finished bulking, like your weight, and how tall r u?

  10. well i posted my current stats at the top, except my height is a bit off, thats what we list me as for the football roster, but actually at the physical i just had about a week ago, i was measured at 1/4 inch below 6'0". anyways, i dont have any measurements, but my pre-bulk stats were:
    same height
    weight: 150-155 varied
    bench: 220
    squat: 340
    deadlift: 320

    so basically, i put on about 12-15 lbs or so, and added about 100 lbs to my total lifts. of course, the 40lbs that i gained on deadlifts, is because i was mainly doing powercleans for a long time, instead of deadlifts. thats our school's/football team's thing, we do bench, squat, and clean, instead of bench, squat, deadlift. so once i started doing those consistently, i really added a lot of weight, which in turn built my hamstrings up a lot, and really bumped my squat up too.

    oh i guess i also forgot to mention that my previous powerclean max was 180, when i weighed 150-155, and is currently at 215 @ 167lbs.

  11. Originally posted by drfly
    so basically, i put on about 12-15 lbs or so, and added about 100 lbs to my total lifts.
    damn bro, those are some nice gains. Madd props to ya!


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