12 weeks out

  1. 12 weeks out

    here's a couple shots of me 12 weeks out from the Mr. Kentucky, sorry i did not post them here but man it gets tiresome posting on mult. boards so heres the link to bb.com     http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...p;   hope the link works. will post some more on that thread later in the week, some leg shots and so forth.

  2. Looking freaky deaky! Left bicep looks "thinner" in some respect compared to your right. Back shot amazing as always.

  3. damn bro lookin jacked

  4. Originally posted by ex_banana-eater
    Looking freaky deaky! Left bicep looks "thinner" in some respect compared to your right. Back shot amazing as always.
    I think it was just the angle that my arm was turned bro, they are both the same..LOL.. thanks for all the compliments though its appreciated.

  5. B-Boy looking freakish as always!! Nice job bro. You have the genetics of a GOD!! LOL



  6. B-Boy you're looking swole man! Definitely seem lean IMO for 12 weeks out, should be able to dial that in real cut for Nov, good luck with it, you're a damn beast!

  7. Nice back b-boy, real solid bro.

  8. once again dude... I've seen mac trucks smaller than you... goddamn bro, keep up the good work!

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  9. thanks bro's I will try and update the pics at least every two weeks to let ya check the transformation, I had a bodyfat test (7 point) done this morning and it read right at 8% so i don't have too much to drop and will have to take it easy on the diet. but i need to be ready early so i can do a couple of trial runs with my last week preparation cause i will be doing the ****load method, i have learned a great deal from skip over at musclechemistry.com and will be using his methods for my last week.

  10. Just sick... You could probably make Dexter Jackson blush, brother..

    As I mentioned at bb.com, I gotta retire now, B-Boy done took all the muscle..

    Thick as all hell, brother! Glad to see you're doin' this show..

  11. Lookin' f*cking great bro'. Lotta mass and great v-taper. Agree w/ weave, you look pretty tight for 12 weeks out. Best of luck.

  12. I hate you short ****ers

    Looking real diesel brother man! 12 weeks out? Hope you are dropping at a VERY slow rate up to contest..........


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