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  1. Feedback advice etc...

    Ok so im 14. I started lifting last year and got on some whey protein for the summer. I was 103 last summer and now i'm 138. Im 5'10". I bench 160x1. Squat 275x5. Curl 30x5 both arms. I want to know what i need to work on and how. Also ive been trying to get bigger but just cant. Im in wrestling season now and have to maintain a 125 weight class so i cant put on lots of fat. Im also DEFINITELY NOT looking to take any supplements
    other than some whey and multivitamins.
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  2. I'm glad you aren't looking for supplements, because right now, all you need to do is eat. However, it's going to be hard to put on much muscle if you have to maintain such a low weight for wrestling. If you're this lean at 138 and you need to wrestle at 125, I don't know how much you can actually do right now.

  3. i can actually bump up a weight class since the guys at 130 are quitting. If i do put on muscle i can always drop water weight. But as for my diet what should i eat to put on muscle? Im also trying to keep my fat levels low so i dont have to suck too much water. I can easily get to 125 in my current state but again if i need to bump up id rather be doing it because of muscle gain.

  4. Do some reading in these subforums to get some basic knowledge on nutrition for muscle gain.

  5. thanks for the help

  6. Well youre lean casue youre a wrestler and good to hear youre not try to get any supps and stay focused.
    I would recomend some BCAAs though, kind of a supp kind of not IMO. Itll help you stay lean & maintain strength.

    If youre goin to try and bulk clean...well its tough especially fo a wrestler. Make sure you keep carbs complex and try to end them at 8 or sooner. Protein from lean sources. Lots of veggies, ideally greens for vitamins and fiber.

    Best of luck and there is plenty to read around here.
    Good Luck.

    PS-you really squat 275x5? Thats awesome for your size if you do. Congrats.

  7. Thanks. Ive always been good with leg stuff. Im not necessarily looking to bulk completely clean but rather on the lean side so i can burn the fat off later. My body can keep up with a high fat intake so whenever i burn fat it generally stays off. Unless i eat extremely unhealthy.

  8. man post a workout video cause those numbers for that size are amazing... you must have some samurai strength hidden under there..

  9. 275x5??

    Seems like 275 would crush you bro...

    Nonetheless you have a very good build goin on for your size. Impressive for sure. Just keep eating and training VERY hard.

    Train hard, eat harder, sleep hardest.

  10. next time i'm in the gym ill get a video.
    And wrestling ends soon im gonna get a large container of whey and start trying to bulk as much as i can with my friend.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post

    Seems like 275 would crush you bro...

    Nonetheless you have a very good build goin on for your size. Impressive for sure. Just keep eating and training VERY hard.

    Train hard, eat harder, sleep hardest.
    I agree with BJ. 275 seems kinda heavy for someone your size. I have trouble with 275. I try to aim for form and reps when it comes to squats. If you can do 275 for a full squat and not 1/4th of a squat reduce your weight and aim for reps. Good luck man. It's good to see that your not jumping into supps so quickly. Finally a change around here!

    GL my asian brutha

  12. haha thanks well with a full squat i can do about 215 x10 i think. idk havent checked in a while. Ever since wrestling started i havent been squatting too much because i find if im sore going into practice i barely make it out of practice

  13. Supplements are a stample in building mass, why not use protein powder, mutli vitamin, fish oil, and creatine?

    diet is #1.....

    And i call BS on your stats. I do not believe you are squatting 275 on an olympic bar with no assistance. maybe on a machine or a assisted bar but not on a olympic bar with no support

    bottom line, if you want to gain muscle mass try to eat something every 2-3 hours. whether its a nutri-grain bar or a full sized meal......just eat SOMETHING every few hours

  14. They probably arent full squats. But i cant really watch myself. I do however know for fact that i can squat 220x10 with full deep squats.

  15. hey some people are blessed with freaky strength/ muscle fibers. That said, i would like to see a vid before i say youre a liar, but i have a feeling, form may be off, not low enough, or the equipment may not be olympic. Other than that good luck and keep use updated, we're only here to help.

  16. remember full range of motion is way more important that the numbers, cheers and stay at it, good luck

  17. I realized that my form is quite off when squatting 275. However the 220X10 looks alot better. I haven't been able to get a camera into the school weight room. Since our school doesnt allow it but i think i might be able to after school if i get a day off from wrestling.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by MESSPLAY View Post
    man post a workout video cause those numbers for that size are amazing... you must have some samurai strength hidden under there..
    yeah I was thinking that too, any videos bud. Till then I will shut up, love to see those squats @ 275 for 5 reps.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by ANABOLIKHULK View Post
    yeah I was thinking that too, any videos bud. Till then I will shut up, love to see those squats @ 275 for 5 reps.
    275x5 and 220x10 is no joke bro, theres no need to lie about it.. i know people who are your weight that can do it, but then again there little in height and have like 4 percent body fat on them, on top of that they look like they weigh 190, but no way with your muscle structure can you even do a full squat with or bs

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Blazay View Post
    but no way with your muscle structure can you even do a full squat with or bs
    Thats a bold statement man and probably completely false. Why does it matter so much if he can or can't.

    Either way solid foundation bro and best of luck with your wrestling/ getting bigger.
  21. Hahahaha parton owns you

    your pretty weak for your size i would destroy you in wrestling, stop being a fat ass and eating sushi. Haha jking -parton and guess what, your fat

  22. lol a bold statement. he looks like a toothpick

  23. good start man. Remember you are only 14. I was a wrestler from 4th grade all the way through college and was constantly cutting weight. I wrestled 112 as a senior and 125 in college and I'm up to about 187 now just two years later.
    Just eat big and lift heavy and don't over lift any one body part. If you are looking to put on size less is more. Meaning you don't need to go in and hit 19 sets for chest like I see alot of the kids your age doing when they are in the gym. Trust me I used to do the same thing when I was your age. I took my work ethic from wrestling that told me the more I trained the better I got and figured if 10 sets of chest was good than 12 must be better and 14 better yet and so on and so forth.
    As for diet stick to lean protiens:
    chicken breast,tuna,egg whites, turkey breast, cottage cheese
    and for carbs:
    rice,whole wheat pasta,sweet potatos,non fat yogurt, Apples,bannanas, Oatmeal,veggies

    add to that some healthy fats: fish oil, flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil

    as for you doing 275 x5...It's possible. The strongest area of most wrestlers are their hips and legs. That's where all your power to lift and throw and defend against attacks on your legs comes from. You can't be competitive in wrestling without a strong shifty pair of hips.
    However I'm inclined to believe that like most kids your age your squat form is probably not perfect and that you aren't doing ass to the grass squats.I see kids in the highschool gym where I teach, doing half squats all the time and talking trash like they can squat almost as much as me but when I have them squat correctly their knees buckle and they can't even get one rep up.
    and just what is the difference between 220x10 and 275 x 5? If anything I would think it is actually more difficult to put up a weight that is only 55 lbs less for twice the reps. that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

    keep up the good work bro. and good luck in wrestling.

  24. hey man im a wrestler at the 145 lbs weight class. when you workout just do a toning workout for enduance and run 4-6 miles in a sweat suit to maintain. if your trying to gain mass try a 5x5 but follow a stricter diet. thats what i did and it worked just fine for me.
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  25. in the offseason just start eating more and follow some of the guide lines you see here.

    My question is why can't you go up a weight class? I wrestled and I to was lean but I wsh I knew now what I knew then. I used to eat Tuna and baby food all season. But I wish I could have gotten on a nice protein diet and bulked up and gotten stronger as the season went on. Imagine stepping up a weight class strong and not dieting. You would dominate over the kid who just crashed to drop 10 lbs 2 days out

  26. not necessarily. I was one of those kids dropping to lower weight classes. In tournaments that lasted all day I had a huge advantage by the time of second or third match because by then I was right back to my normal weight and was much bigger than the rest of the guys in my weight class. I know a lot of guys that did what you are talking about and they didn't have as much success as they did whenever they were cutting to a lower weight.
    As for cutting weight. Nowadays things have changed alot in highschool wrestling. Certification requirements are very strict and it is very difficult to cut anymore than 10 lbs and stay within the new weightloss rules. I coach wrestling now and we had guys coming into the season weighing 160 and barely getting certified at the 152lb weight class. a few years ago the same kid could get certified as low as 140 or even 135.

  27. And I'm......spent!

  28. That pretty much is my diet... anyways im back. Im starting to bulk now I went from around 130 during wrestling to about 142 give or take about a pound. So im a couple pounds up! yay! anyways ve been eating ALOT. Just last night I had a huge grilled chicken salad, 2 beef tacos, and 2 slices of grilled chicken pizza, and a glass of whey protein for dinner. This is more than I normally eat. So I think I should start gaining some more weight. Plus Ive started to hit the weights again during lunch. Ontop of that I gave up trying to clean bulk and decided to bulk and cut.

  29. wow i wish i was 14 and started lifting at the young age .. yah you def. shouldnt look to take any suppliments did u ever get ure hands on any whey protein ?

    are ure legs made of steel or something ? wow that is amazing for your size

  30. I have some freaking huge legs. Its kinda creepy. And I got some Optimum Nutrition Gold standard. Mmm... Mint chocolate... haha


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