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  1. not necessarily. I was one of those kids dropping to lower weight classes. In tournaments that lasted all day I had a huge advantage by the time of second or third match because by then I was right back to my normal weight and was much bigger than the rest of the guys in my weight class. I know a lot of guys that did what you are talking about and they didn't have as much success as they did whenever they were cutting to a lower weight.
    As for cutting weight. Nowadays things have changed alot in highschool wrestling. Certification requirements are very strict and it is very difficult to cut anymore than 10 lbs and stay within the new weightloss rules. I coach wrestling now and we had guys coming into the season weighing 160 and barely getting certified at the 152lb weight class. a few years ago the same kid could get certified as low as 140 or even 135.

  2. And I'm......spent!

  3. That pretty much is my diet... anyways im back. Im starting to bulk now I went from around 130 during wrestling to about 142 give or take about a pound. So im a couple pounds up! yay! anyways ve been eating ALOT. Just last night I had a huge grilled chicken salad, 2 beef tacos, and 2 slices of grilled chicken pizza, and a glass of whey protein for dinner. This is more than I normally eat. So I think I should start gaining some more weight. Plus Ive started to hit the weights again during lunch. Ontop of that I gave up trying to clean bulk and decided to bulk and cut.

  4. wow i wish i was 14 and started lifting at the young age .. yah you def. shouldnt look to take any suppliments did u ever get ure hands on any whey protein ?

    are ure legs made of steel or something ? wow that is amazing for your size

  5. I have some freaking huge legs. Its kinda creepy. And I got some Optimum Nutrition Gold standard. Mmm... Mint chocolate... haha

  6. yeah, those squat numbers jump out! nice!

  7. I should take pics of my legs. to show you guys. Although their not as big as they were before when I was squatting. I kinda stopped lifting for wrestling season. So I lost alot of mass. But I have football pre season stuff/lifting so ill take before and after. Youll see though my legs are disgusting compared to the rest of my body.
  8. lol noob

    harrison ur tiny .

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mpjagerbombs View Post
    harrison ur tiny .

    Look whos talkin mikey wait... you do weigh more than me... but thats cuz your flabby :P

  10. lawl 5-10 150

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Mpjagerbombs View Post
    lawl 5-10 150
    ... your not 5'10" maybe with really high shoes... If ur 5'10" then im like 6'0" and im not 6ft

  12. Dude, good for you. And shame on the grown men in here who think its worth their time to grill a 14 yr old on his squats.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by arizonanewbie View Post
    Dude, good for you. And shame on the grown men in here who think its worth their time to grill a 14 yr old on his squats.
    THanks man


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