GS @ 240, saying hello.

  1. GS @ 240, saying hello.

    Was up to 255, and currently on my way down to 225-230ish...

    Nice board here, nice setup. For those that don't know me, here's a few pics.


  2. Damn G-S you are one big guy.. looking good and glad to have you over here..

  3. Monster, House, just a few that come to mind....

  4. Thank you sir. I can be found at most of the time, and most other big boards some of the time.. lol

    (shameless plug)

    Glad to be here. I like this setup.

  5. Originally posted by dieseldude
    Monster, House, just a few that come to mind....
    Thanks my man. Good to see another michigander...

  6. # 3 is an awesome ass pic bro. Looking huge with those wings there.
    Whats do they feed you boys in michigan?

  7. yeah man lookin good...those stretch marks? my brother get's them big time..jacked no doubt though

  8. Gulp... Damn Goldberg, you scare me

  9. God I feel small

  10. You monster!

  11. You look like one those guys from one of those prison movi......err uhm, look good bro


    Looking great GS, got any measurements for us?

  13. Arms are right around 20", Legs close to 30". Haven't measured in a few months...

  14. Dude, at 225 you're gonna be ripped on top of being huge. How tall are you?

  15. G-S, you're a big mofo! Good overall build. Lets see the wheels. Keep on pumpin.

  16. whats up freakzilla.

  17. what part of michigan bro?

  18. Nice work, GS. Good looking stretch marks, BTW

  19. G-S is a stud!


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