After Cycle Pics

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  1. After Cycle Pics

    Cycle consisted of :
    Week 1-10 test enan 500mg/week
    Week 2-6 d-bol 35mg/day
    Weed 1-10 equipoise 400mg with 800mg frontload the first weeks.
    Week 11-13.5 test base/bold base 500mg approx per week transdermally absorbed (35% absorbtion rate)
    Arim or Femara .5mg or 1.25/day

    Weight Before 170lbs 14% BF


  2. Before Front

  3. After Chest

  4. Back Double Bi

  5. dang kc, i like the set up at your house, looks pretty cool, oh and your pics are .... just ok..

  6. Yeah, the "crib" is off the hook
    Damn you posted before i was finished dammit

  7. Edit, my girl didn't like the last side chest pose, here's new one :
    Last edited by Kitchen Chemist; 07-29-2003 at 10:56 PM.

  8. Last Pic, me a fatty
    Last edited by Kitchen Chemist; 07-29-2003 at 10:55 PM.

  9. Well, that's it, i need some definate work on, well pretty much everything
    Just posted these for the peeps that asked to see before and after cycle pics. Next cycle will be a all out bulk rather than a bulk for 10 then cut for two and quit cause you'd have to be a dummy for doing a cycle that way

  10. Big difference KC, looking good!

  11. Thanks DD, i went from a guy that looks like he worked out to a guy you know hit the juice as he put on size pretty damn quick lol. I'll post a pic from last summer.

  12. Last summer, about 3 months into eating and training properly (thanks to these boards )
    LMAO i was a skinny SOB

  13. kc, a common street hoodlum, shown here in the midst of stealing a suv along the rough urban ghettos of calgary...

  14. KC

    Thanks for posting. Looking great!

    What are you doing for PCT?


  15. Running clomid at 300mg day one, 150mg day 2-11, 100mg 12-21, and 50mg day 22 till i'm recovered
    Running femara 2.5mg/day 1-7, 1.25/day 8-14, .675mg/day 15to day 21.
    Taken 8-10 weeks off then hitting up a massive bulk ow ow!

  16. KC,
    looking like you put on some serious size! How much did you gain on this cycle?

  17. Lookin' good KC! Youve come a long way since that pic from last summer

  18. Awesome work bro, may your post-cycle go easy with no crying like a bitch! (hint: avoid chick flicks)

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  19. all those close up pics were starting to make me think you wasted yer time, then you showed that back bi flex and I was like jeeeez. The closeups don't do you justice, lol, good work.

  20. Originally posted by goes4ever
    looking like you put on some serious size! How much did you gain on this cycle?
    Well, really i started at 168 but that sounds worst than 170 but i am 185 - 187 right now depending on when i weigh myself in the day. 7 days post cycle so i don't think i'm holding any water. I also dropped 2.5% bf aswell so that 17 lbs is actually more muscle anyways. One thing i noticed and i'm sure most know this already who have done a cycle is that water retention is deceiving. I felt so fat and started to cut up which i think was a mistake as i was putting my muscle mass in serious danger (right bobo )
    Once all the water was gone and yesterday when i snapped some more pics, i looked a lot leaner, i was also using yohimbine topical so that would of contributed to some more water retention in my stomach. Really happy with the end result, just hope i can keep as much as i can. I'm gonna take some after a upper body workout and see the difference for myself. Thanks for the praise bros!

  21. Excellant work Smithers, Excellant!! (he says while cupping his fist inside one another, while standing in a hunched over position)

    You morphed from a juvenille delinqent (says Jar) to a bodybuilder.

    Double bi's looking serious bro.


  22. Originally posted by Jarconis
    kc, a common street hoodlum, shown here in the midst of stealing a suv along the rough urban ghettos of calgary...



    Nice work KC!  Showing some good dedication there bro!


  23. Awesome job man, from the front chest pic it's really apparent just how much you blew up during your cycle, that's one helluva difference. Seeing the before and after is almost enough to make me start considering my first real cycle...but not just yet.

  24. Hey KC, definitely looks like you've packed on some mass!! That MM after shot really shows it off, nice

  25. Good job KC! Looks like your cycle gave you some good mass. I'm sure a nice long bulk will do wonders for your frame. It's tough sometimes bulking, putting massive amounts of food down your throat even when your not hungry. Bulking, I love it!

  26. Just a quick question... Why do people not try and get a good solid base from training,nutrition,and rest before they mess with gear???

  27. Hopefully they do. That is something that is repeated time and time again by mods, admins and members. AS's and PH's are to be used in conjunction with proper training, diet and rest schedules after most natural gains have been maximized. Or otherwise your just wasting your money on something you could have done naturally. Some people are also just straped for time and figure they want to grow (the easier way). Hey its there decision. You cant tell them not to.

    Im curious as to why you ask? KC isnt a newjack from what I gathered. You feeling guilty my friend about something my friend?
    And another question, What is your idea of a solid base? 50 having lifted for 25 years and 8 % bf? or 22 lifted for 6 months and 22% bf?


  28. I ate and trained properly for over a year before i used gear. What the fuk do you care anyways? Not like i didn't research and I feel the $100 it cost me to do the cycle was a pretty good investment I'm never planning on competing or hitting 250lbs so the gear sped up my genetic potential and i wouldn't of done it any other way. Thanks for having my back DB

  29. Good progress K.C., especially from that skinny little hoodlum pic j/k. Are you going to cut up now? how tall are you anyways?


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