One pic for ya'll

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  1. No lovely most of us knew you were a lady.. and Great work after the baby..

  2. Nah, I love wise cracks, just the whole assuming thing annoyed me, but I got over it. That's it, arm wrestling match now!

  3. hey, whats this
    It's db. DEE... BEE... come on, Ill let you slide on this one and all but next time, Its to the moon alice.
    Nice pic love, Made my day. (*note to self. stop being such a perv.) And the sunflowers pic. I used to have that same pic in a oil painted replica at my house in Miami. The original is worth a some serious loot.
    I cant get over those shorts either. Ive got a pair just like em. But I prefer to keep those pics off the internet. Might hurt my rep and all.

    looking good though, for real. I would never have been able to tell you had a kid.
    And I think the pink is kinda sexy, Like lipstick and painted fingernails.

    Its been a pleasure meeting you,

    Ooh and Matt, You are such the gentleman. Its people like you that make us losers look bad.

  4. Originally posted by Matthew D
    No lovely most of us knew you were a lady.. and Great work after the baby..
    Yea, that's what I was gonna say

  5. Lovely could use her own thread... I'm usually the one hijacking threads with pics..

    Good work, young lady!

  6. Bd... southern boy though and though.. we do know how to treat ladies down this way...

  7. You guys kill me, i love your attitude db, very cool.....
    And may i add very "lovely", lovely you look great!

  8. you don't have to call me lovely diesel


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