My before and current pics

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  1. Well done! Congratulation!

  2. Great Job!!! Its just about all of the patience you put into it! Great stuff!!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by csunkramer View Post
    I dont expect it to be a fun time, but i need the numbers to drop very frustrated haha

    my parents think im not eating enough, which is probobly right. I only eat 1100 a day lately, burn 1700 sittin on my ass and at the gym i easily burn around 500-600 not including the mile walk to get there.

    im terrified of eating more though. its hard being a retired morbid obeser and being told you need to eat more. gross :/

    Are you doing refeeds at all?

  4. LactoseLou
    LactoseLou's Avatar

    thats impressive good to see the changes!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by csunkramer View Post
    haha im flattered! Thanks everyone. Had an AMAZING workout today, built up a pretty good sweat :P

    as for the ex...well they havent really seen me. i think i was 30 pounds down when we last saw each other so its been awhile,,,but who cares. I deserve better now that Im working hard

    well i got tickets to a kelly clarckson concert ose: lol j/p but great job

  6. u dont look ~200 in that last pic but who knows ur sitting down

    face wise its not the same person

    this may be harsh/rude but its a definite compliment but before... i wouldnt have touched you
    looking at the latest pic even tho ur 200 ur a hell of a lot more attractive face wise (cant see the body much your arms look fine etc)

    really interested to know what ur gona look like when ur done

    great work

  7. It's nice when people actually have the determination to change their lifestyles... Good job!

  8. you look great!

  9. very nice work

  10. Awesome work, you should be very proud of yourself

  11. Any updates?!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by papapumpsd View Post
    G-damn I was confused....I thought you were a MALE poster and that you ended up like the guy w/the fo-hawk haircut.

    So, you're female, and lost a lot of weight, and ended up the girl w/the tat on the ti.....boob?

    That is a girl with the fo-hawk!!!... I think/hope!

  13. Great Job.

  14. you look great, two thumbs up for hard work!

  15. wow holy shyt is all i can say, ya look like a totally different person, great work

  16. holy crap that i awsome!

  17. wow, did you use any supps?

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