Krack3r's Transformation

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  1. These pics are crazy man.

    You are my god


  2. excellent work
    i used to be chubby up until i was about 16 till i lost 40 pounds and the face is the biggest change... and ka-ching the girls start talking to ya

    u used to look like a full unreal-tournament nerd! massive transformation

    i dont believe lazy/overweight people for one second who say "i dont want to lose weight im happy with myself"

    HORSE ****!

    so many more doors and opportunities open up when you're in shape and healthy

    hope you're enjoying it buddy

  3. BamaGuy1024
    BamaGuy1024's Avatar

    Incredible! Really inspirational... thanks for posting this!

  4. extremely nice... that's a major difference.

  5. 1st pick next to a computer. Later pic in a girls room you just boned. Well plated sir.

  6. Awesome man! Thats truely impressive.


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