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    What's up everybody? New to the site and I sure am glad I found it. Hope to learn a lot and take my **** to the next level.

  2. lookin swole man...whatr eyour stats?

  3. your arms and delts need serious work string bean

    (j/k, looking very very solid bro, very thick. awesome )

  4. As Biggs said man, looking nice and thick, and your bf% is actually pretty good, so it's not blubber!

  5. you're Ok!! need allot of work. Letsís start with your heart and dedication. J/K This is my training partner, one of my best friends, and a Co-owner of massnation.

  6. Lookin' Pit bull like.
    Nice and thick, can we see the bottom half?

  7. Thanks for the comments. I'm currently around 5'10" and 215 lbs. I don't have any lower pics but I can get some. I want to go to around 230 lbs of lean mass. I am using T1-pro right now and the strength gains are great, but I'm not putting on much weight. Anyway, any recommendations are appreciated.

  8. Damn thick there, Hoss!

    Bodyfat looks pretty good considering your density, you pull it off well..

  9. Looking good. From the look of you I'm guessing you have naturally big legs?

  10. My lower body is pretty strong naturally due to playing football most of my life. I stopped playing semi-pro this season, so I lift lighter now. My calfs suck, but my thighs are pretty thick.

  11. That is one massive neck bro!


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