Issues Reloaded!!

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  1. After my workout, not holdin' water as bad..

  2. lookin jacked as usual pete..

    what size bra you wear?

  3. No idea about bra size, brother.. But I keep guns close by..

    And, I know their size..

  4. stop using that shrunken tape

  5. Pete why are you sooooooooo camera shy?

    Nice peach sized lump brotha.

  6. Pete you are still the man. Keep it up bro.

  7. Dude, Nice biceps, Pete. I still prefer your avatar's abs though

  8. Originally posted by DarCSA
    Pete you are still the man. Keep it up bro.

    Damn, where you been, brother?

    Good seeing that you found us again, hope to see more of ya!

    Originally posted by LunaHotel
    Dude, Nice biceps, Pete. I still prefer your avatar's abs though
    This statement alone is testament to why I have the darn avatar to begin with..
  9. Unhappy The End is Near!!

    Here I am, taken 9/3 in the aerobics room, holdin' water like a camel..

    I'm at 176 now, need to get 7 down..


  10. They look kinda grainy, don't they?

    Oh well, at least they're bright..

  11. Yes, I kept taking pics.. You expect any less?

  12. looking good pete. your legs dont look as small in those pics. keep up the good work and let us know how the show turns out.

  13. Alot more...

  14. Now that I'm awake, I'll post the others..

    Lat spread for ya...


  15. I'm a fan of the old-school, like when Larry Scott hit this pose.. His arm development was sick in this pose, I plan to use it..

  16. It's weird how my back looks like I beat it senseless when I trained it, yet I didn't train it all too heavy this time around..


    Hell, I'm tired of hearin' about my guns, so it can't be too bad..

  17. Side chest.. I'll put up more as the time comes, still holding more water than I need to.. It'll go away once I'm on zero-carbs the week before..

  18. looking good as always pete!! Hows the low carb going?

  19. It's going, brother..

    I'm still at about 2100 cals a day, mostly beef, tuna, turkey(canned), and chicken breast.. The carbs I get are from either rice milk(28g per 12oz), or a packet of either Lean Mass Matrix(40g each protein/carb) or Naturally Lean Matrix (20g each).. I'm also using R by Syntrax, and Nectar with every other meal..
  20. 9/16/03

    New ones..

  21. I think there was too much light in these, my cuts are all washed out..

    I'm holding water still, so I'll be abit tighter next week.. Weight is at 172..

  22. Lookin tight as it is bro. Keep it up!

  23. I don't feel "crabby", yet when on a low-carb I like this pose..

  24. Here's another..

  25. Another from that day.. More new ones soon!

  26. damn pete i notice a huge difference, this low carb thing is kicking ass

  27. pete, u got a big ass head

  28. Damn Blaze, That aint right.
    There was a recent discovery, Carb diets cause head swelling.

  29. A week left, Blaze noticed my "head", and water retention is at an all-time low!


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