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  1. I think there was too much light in these, my cuts are all washed out..

    I'm holding water still, so I'll be abit tighter next week.. Weight is at 172..

  2. Lookin tight as it is bro. Keep it up!

  3. I don't feel "crabby", yet when on a low-carb I like this pose..

  4. Here's another..

  5. Another from that day.. More new ones soon!

  6. damn pete i notice a huge difference, this low carb thing is kicking ass

  7. pete, u got a big ass head

  8. Damn Blaze, That aint right.
    There was a recent discovery, Carb diets cause head swelling.

  9. A week left, Blaze noticed my "head", and water retention is at an all-time low!

  10. Originally posted by db682
    Damn Blaze, That aint right.
    There was a recent discovery, Carb diets cause head swelling.
  11. SHOW PICS!!

    Here ya go...

  12. Show was September 28th, NPC NH/MA State..

  13. Another....

  14. Pumpin' up for the routine...

  15. You definetly leaned out. The one picture where the two guys are facing towards you is the best. Your abs look great in that pic. Those two guys seem to be admiring them.
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  16. Looking serious bro. Abs do look nicely displayed. You are a swolen motherF@#$er Pete. What size waist do you have bro? That laqst picture makes me think you were born with the gift of a small waist.


  17. Nice work Pete! Way to go man, looking good

    Abs are sweet in that one shot Bobo mentioned, very tight

  18. Thanks, brothers!

    In fear of my life due to some feeling I brag about it (29.5"), I will not disclose my waist size at this moment(29.5")..

  19. Damn, Hey everyone come look, Pete has a girls waist. naaa naaa neee booo booo. J/K bro we all know you prefer petite.


  20. Looks like the diet and hard work paid off!

    How did you do?

    Did you decide to do the other show later this month?


  21. Diet? All I did was drop my carbs by 20g every other week.. I was at zero carb the week before, that was it.. I placed 5th, which considering I started training at all this year in March, is not a bad placing..

  22. nice pics bro. i agree w/ bobo that one is your best

  23. Here's a recent one... Back up to 178, the Guggulbolic Extreme is really holdin' my bodyfat back abit.. Good, considering I'm on a clean bulk..

  24. The Back...

  25. Front biceps..


    Kiss competition goodbye!

  26. Those pics show why you are the man. Keep it going. I am trying to follow in your footsteps but those are big shoes to fill.

  27. Pete,
    Are those your bras and panties hanging in the background? If you put those in the swap meet section Kitchen Chemist might jump on them for a couple bucks.

  28. jacked bro..your back is the shiggity lol
  29. Thumbs up

    Looking better than ever, Pete. I especially envy the 29.5" waist. Smallest mine has ever been was just under 31". Your overall symmetry and balance are superb. Big shoulders, wide back, tiny waist, and a great bicep peak. Keep up the good work, my friend.

  30. Here we go... UPDATE!

    I forget when I took these, but they are fairly recent..

    Check out the 184lb. bloat..

  31. Most Muscular...

  32. Leg shots coming soon..

  33. Lookin huge brother! Keep up the hard work.

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  34. Nice beard Spiderman, Spawn, whoever the hell you are

  35. Originally posted by ManBeast
    Lookin huge brother! Keep up the hard work.

    Thanks alot, brother! The Darkness is doing me well..

    Originally posted by Sir Foxx
    Nice beard Spiderman, Spawn, whoever the hell you are
    I'm as hairless as a newborns ass, brother..

    Wish I could grow a beard...

  36. I was referring to the funny alterations you have you've done to your face in the pics. Looking very big though.

  37. Oh, ok..

    I forgot about that..

    Still can't grow a beard, it's just sad... I hardly have hair anywhere, except in places you guys need not know aboot..


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