My evolution

  1. My evolution

    The befores are taken in the winter of 05 and these others were just takena couple weeks ago. The lighting is off a mirrior but it is a "middle of the road" mirrior I would say. I don't look exceptional in it nor do i look bad in comparison to other mirriors. Only in the past 8 months or so would I say I really got my diet and training down. The front shot is unflexed also, and only the arm is really somewhat flexed on the side.
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  2. dude ... wow... i would not have guessed that was you.. nice work my man

  3. Thanks man, it is 2 years of time, but I just started gettin my diet and training down well in the last 8 months or so

  4. not a bad little recomp in the past 8 months then. Stick with it and you should change dramatically.

  5. Very nice change.

  6. WOW!
    That is a great accomplisment in just 2 years.

  7. Thanks, great motivation to keep at it

  8. big progress!


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