new as of 07/03/03

  1. new as of 07/03/03

    sup bruh

  2. front flex


  3. I donít know about you guys but the only real difference I see from the last set I had was I lost about ten pounds, but I canít tell where. I worked my shoulders up a little. I think Iíve had a good 2 months. It could have been better but Iíve had some shoulder, elbow and knee soreness thatís held back some of my workouts.

  4. Can you say "SWOLLEN"
    Im a big 220 (and still growing) but damn man, you are the difinition of mass.
    Looks good bro.

  5. Thats one THICK dude... scary **** man

  6. eat some ****ing taters and gravy you skinny sonofabitch...

    (kidding bro you look absolutely massive similar to your other pics though I see what you mean about losing a little weight, your arms look like they've come in a little definition-wise... other than that, still a ****ing tank bro, nice!)

  7. looking swole du'. i more inclined to measure my progress by the way i look, over weight gain or lost. but 10 lbs down....its gots to be somewhere bra.

  8. thanks for the posetive feedback guys. eversice i joined this board ive gained 20 lbs (overall) and have reduced my body fat %.


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