just tryin to cut up.........

  1. just tryin to cut up.........

    after many years of always trying to get bigger.... I decided to slim down for health reasons and to look good.... yay! Now I am around 230.. and I dont really know my bodyfat... im not good doing the calipers on myself but the skin folds are much smaller now... id say around 8 percent bodyfat... the corner pic is of me at 260.... that one was about 16 or 17 percent bodyfat I think..... im basically on my own modified paleo diet.. the transformation took me about 2-3 months.... its amazing how what you eat can change you so quickly....
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  2. Thats great, what diet changes did you make to get that way?

  3. well I just cut out starches and added more leafy vegetables and lots of fruits and lean meats... I dont count my calories anymore.. I just try to eat 6-8 times a day with a nice piece of lean meat and fruits and veggies... in the morning I have a handful of oats with blueberries and milk and whey protein.... and then before I go to bed I have a natural peanut butter + casein drink. But the changes were just more fruits and vegetables and less starch...

  4. Excellent... I agree it truly is amazing how quickly your body can change with just a few tweaks on the diet.... and that's a perfect example. Great job.

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