Wow I have a tiny head

  1. Wow I have a tiny head

    I guess what everyone says is true. My body really is to big for my head!

  2. lmfao!

  3. reminds me of bettlejuice, haha dam

  4. Were you stoned? I got the same deal goin, but half the year I have kind of long hair, and it looks more normal. Then summertime comes, I shave the head, and it looks like I've been sprinkled by that dust as well.

  5. Na not stoned, I only had 1 drink in that pic.

    Winter time ya my hair it a tiny bit longer, but not alot anymore, dam hairline keeps moving away from my ugly face. Ill end up having a M on top of me head

  6. I have the opposite problem, women are always saying I have a big head. :chick:

  7. funny in a good way.. best laugh i've had all day.. keep up the good work tho bro..


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