Anyone else have this problem?

  1. Anyone else have this problem?

    Or know how to fix it? Well, I don't know if it's genetics or what, but my chest seems to look like a parking cone from the side HAHA, I mean i've never done anything to cause Gyno..but I really just dont know..

    i'm 17, 5'9, about 163 pounds.

  2. Due your jacked for 17! Its not nearly as bad as you think. Looking down at them they look more like tits but from a different perspective youre in great shape. I too have the parking cone thing.

  3. I dont see anything wrong with your tits :P then again everyone looks at themselves and says "**** i hate that part of me or whatever lol" I have a problem with my left arm being what i think is a LOT smaller than my right...and the fact that I curl 10-12 reps of a weight without a problem and then can maybe do 6-8 with my left

  4. hey man i don't think you have parking cone tits if i were you i'd just try a new diet and cut a little bit and start pressing some hard weight for some good gains

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