One and 1/2 months out and still learning

  1. One and 1/2 months out and still learning

    First two pics I was about 180, I have pretty good genetics so I never got heavy or anything was just out of shape and had no definition and thats what im shootin for...If anyone can help me out I also had a supplement question i posted in the supplement forums about a good product for what I was looking to do which was get solid and ripped...but not skinny :P lol anyways this new pic after 1 and a half months at the gym, I was on Trac Extreme NO for a little bit and the zone diet...went to 165 lbs.
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  2. Well, you look bit older. Did fine without supps. I'd say eat right and keep leaning out. Use protein,BCAAs/EAAs, Omega-3, creatine. I'd say lift and eat for few more months and then hit up the supps. You still have plenty of optimizing to due ina few months just on the basics.

  3. ok cool, might start the CGT-max soon but just been lifting with just the whey protein and eatint right for now...thx mentaltwitch

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