JZ starter pics!!

  1. JZ starter pics!!

    After some minor delays (and nagging!), here are my starter pics from a couple of weeks ago (camera date is off).


    H: 5'-6.75"
    W: 193lbs (from memory)
    BF: 13-15%? (you estimate)
    Body type: Ecto/Meso mix
    Lifting experience/time: 3.5 years.
    Overall progress: from 145-150lbs to current.

    Current goals: drop BF while getting lbm/vascularity back.
    Current cycle: see sig/cycle info forum
    Current weight: 200lbs AND leaner/vascular!

    A couple things to keep in mind whil looking:

    1. These were 3 days dry pics
    2. I had not tanned that much yet!
    3. I dont work legs/cavs much expect Basketball for cardio 2-3x/week.
    4. These were taking after 5 wks back from a 3.5 month hiatus from the gym while eating like crap through dec-feb.

    The pics arent that good of quality. You cant see that well, but i do have quite a bit of mass and more vascularity than they show.

    I am seriously open to all types of comments, questions, critiquement, etc.

    Points of Personal Issue. Lats and abdomen.

    Lats: I need some great excersizes for lat build (except pull ups). I am doing the typical pull downs, rows, etc but progress has been slow.

    Abs: I actually have a larger than normal center mass as you see there, that is covered with a little bit of fat. This was mainly due to doing a ton of sit-ups while on cycle that caused this to grow.

    Besides just getting everything bigger and lose as much fat as possible to compensate, how could i get the fat off without doing sit ups while on cycle? Basicly i do a ton of running cardio but this only helps so much. I just dont want the cm to get any bigger, but i want to get the fat off it!

    Thanks for your time/thoughts guys!

  2. 25 views and noone post's? wow....no one telling me im too fat or too pale or that my hips are too big? Nice!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JZ7757 View Post
    25 views and noone post's? wow....no one telling me im too fat or too pale or that my hips are too big? Nice!
    you fat,pale and ur hips are too big haha jsut messin with ya

  4. Youve got a good base and even without losing the fat :a gut isnt nearly as noticeable the bigger the rest of you gets. Its worked for me!

    Best of luck reaching your goals!

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  5. not bad bro...very similar frame to what I have/had...drop 15-20 lbs and you'll be in the hunt!
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  6. Thx man. Its taken me a while to get here, with inconsistant bulking then slacking. That is up until last year, when i finally got serious about my personal goals. I was at 150-155 starting in Jan '05.

    yeah, def one of my major goals as stated is to drop the bf, while keeping the muscle. im at 203 now and allot leaner at the begining of week 4 now in my current lean bulker cycle.

    that reminds me...i need to update my log. im slacking bigtime. lol

  7. Geez, all you need is to hit the treadmill. You have a great frame and you're already muscular. Just drop some pounds like one of the other posters said, and you'll look awesome!

  8. Awsome frame man

  9. thanks for the words guys. The only problem is i get bored on the treadmill too easily. I do basketball 2/3 x a week to get the cardio in.

    One of my main goals in my current cycle is to drop the bf, recomp and still keep or gain my muscle. So far im +8lbs, down bf and shaped up quite well. Three more weeks to go till pct.

    I just didnt want to hit the cardio hard with a less than matience diet. I would loose muscle as I have before that same way.

  10. Good job just start cutting an lifting right


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