Tx's pics...

  1. Tx's pics...

    Well im not posting posing pics till after cycle. But i did find this disk that had this picture of me this summer at the lake. I am bigger now, but you can still tell how skinny i am. I am the one n the water, and yes thas my dog!
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  2. Another Ecto I see............How much weight have you put on? Looking forward to seeing your new pics. Hope the cycle went well...........



  3. texas eh....you take any supps worth mentioning before the t-1pro? saw your results on another thread. good to know you got a good start with the stuff.

  4. ive put on about 10-15lbs i would say. I took glutmine or abit and creatine but creatine just doesn seem to work fo me. I also take NLarge2 . thas it folks...

  5. Great so far tx. Keep packing on the pounds and eat, eat, eat. Enjoy talking to you and will see where you get. Later

  6. Which one is you?.......................... .the big one?

  7. haha right, Im far from being big.... Im also far from where i wanna be!

  8. Originally posted by txwakeskater
    haha right, Im far from being big.... Im also far from where i wanna be!
    dude, youa re an ecto and pretty small frame.... another 20 lbs on your and you would look inpressive

    keep hitting at it, you will be there in no time, especially with the BDC transdermals, they are unreal!

  9. Well thanks bro's, but i dont really think my frame is that small at 6ft 1inch.

  10. Just curious...How much did you weigh in that pic? I wouldn't say you were skinny even then....just lean and muscular(for your age and height).

    Yeah i'm 6"2 myself, and used to have a very similar physique to yours a couple years ago. Keep on pumping!

  11. WOW well thanks for the compliments! i would say im about 143lbs n dat pic.


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