28 days out..........

  1. 510
    187 lbs

  2. my girlfriend thinks your very hot


    you still have 28 days to a contenst? good pic, you look very solid!!!:bb2:

  3. ya man its my first comp and it a natural show CONDITIONING IS KEY they tell me lol

  4. Got pictures of your back? and some of calvs and rear leg?

    hehe, yea the slimmer the better! hit them hard!! how old are you?

  5. dude!!!!!!!! you look big, lean, and GREAT!! I love your arms and shoulders, but I think your chest is your weakest spot. Next bulk try to pump chest real hard, and your a winner!!

    btw. great calvs, many people have a hard time whit them.

    anyway good luck whit your contenst.

  6. Looking good. Need to bring out some more separation in you quads, etc. Hopefully you will get that dialed in for the competition. Other than that, you look pretty solid. Try adding some size in the "off-season"
    Good luck with your competition.


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