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  1. Originally posted by bigbadboss101
    Where did you get your 6-0x0? I wanted some, but too much hassle
    Quick and easy!

  2. yea man ur lookin real thick - nice av, and keep up the good work

  3. great transformation,

    Karma for you....I hope I see some gains like that when i start my **** soon.


  4. Amazing gains.  Good to see a fellow over forty lifter.  Hope my gains are as exciting as yours have been.
  5. Unhappy rotator cuff tendonitis!

    That's it...I'm out!
    My shoulder's F*cked. I have rotator tendonitis! I'm going for physio-therapy every morning, and I won't be able to train upper body for at least 3 wks. Then I'll have to ease into it again. What a BUMMER! 3 weeks into my 2nd cycle. Does anybody have any knowledge of this type of injury? ( length of recovery, long term effects, etc...)


  6. talk about thick & meaty!!!! straight up dude you r lookin good. i mean this i hope my after pics r as noticeable as yours r. great job.

  7. Rotator is bad. Justr do what the doctor says and you wil be over it. It is one of those injuries that can bother you forever if you don't fix it. Make sure to do all the little crappy exersises they tell you to do. THEY WORK.... Crappy to hear but you will survive to lift again. I know it. Talk to ya...
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  8. I had some shoulder problems back in May. I never saw a doctor but rotating my arm hurt, I couldn't put my arm behind my head. It would arch most of the day. My problems came from starting weight training late in life (37) and pushing my shoulders too hard during a cutting phase.

    I started taking 3x1000mg Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate, 3x750mg of MSM and 3x1000mg of Shark Cartridge everyday for two months. I reduced shoulder and bench weights. No more behind the head presses or pulldowns. The pain and arches were gone after a month. I do rotator cuff warm ups before every workout now. I still take one of each of the above every day.

    Push those leg days and maybe you can still do some isolated upper body.
  9. ouch

    bro im the god of shoulder injuries, i always push too hard especially when dieting and carbs are low, but you really need to take it easy, it ounce took my shoulder about 3 yrs to heel when i was younger cause i would never take it easy for a while, but age and knowledge has made me a lot wiser and now i know when my body needs a break, nothing can ruin a good workout run like a hurt shoulder, so i feel for ya bro, hope you make a speedy recovery....

  10. I have/had rotator issues too.  Sometimes after playing a lot of softball/football my right shoulder become painful to the point where I can throw better with my other arm.  At times I feel pain while doing bench press or even barbell curls.

  11. I used to play a lot of squash back in the day, and i had severe shoulder ligament impingement problems. Any activity (throwing, most racquet sports) that have a very fast deccelerating component make your shoulder joint very vulnerable and prone to injury.
    I had dislocated my shoulder twice and sufferec from acute impingement of some of my shoulder ligaments. Physiotherapy really helps, but one thing that became my best friend after was "tubing."
    The way tubing works is that it increases strength at end Range of Motion, making the joint less susceptible to repeated injuries and also strengthens the ligaments. See if you think about it, in weight training, the way lever arms work and the way weight are lifted, you usually lift less and slower at end ranges of motion. The lever arm is usually shorter and so the torque generated by a muscle is less.
    Tubing, is opposite, because tension in the weight increases as the tube is stretched.
    Also, after the injuries, i can do dumbell presses fine, but have a tough time doing military barbell presses, so i use the smith machine.
    Remember, if you feel any pain doing any exercise, stop!!!!
    Work yourself back slowly, very slowly, because reinjury will cost you more time and headaches.
    If you want to know more details etc. just PM me
    Good luck, its a hard way back to recovery, but you wil recover close to 100%.

  12. Thanks for the replies bro's, but what happens to my upper body ( strength and size and firmness). Do I just watch it go to mush? Right now I'm doing legs, abs and lower back. Thats all I can do.

    Thanks for all the advice,


  13. I mean, doing legs will help your upper body, because compound exercises such as squats etc. illicit GH release and testosterone release in the body, which will benifit your upper body.
    But if you are off long enough you will start seeing losses (2-3 weeks). You muscle will begin to atrophy slowly.
    But the good thing is, when you do come back, you will regain your size fairly quickly because the neuromuscular adaptation has already occured.
    Thats how it is with all injuries, just be patient.

  14. looks great .my little brothers stuff works great.but it will get much better soon.

  15. I just want to update u on my injury ( rotator cuff tendonitis). I went for 12 sessions od physio(ED). After the 12th session, my shoulder was almost pain free. I rested for 3 more days, then, after a total of 3 wks off, I returned to the gym. That was last Monday. I'm doing one muscle group per day, once a week. I'm now on my second week back, and everything seems ok. I felt a little pain after dumbell bench presses, but it didn't last.
    Looks like I'm back for good ( barring any more injuries).

    While I was off, I still did legs and lower back, so I continued taking my PH's. I've actually got more strength now in my upper body, and I'm a lot leaner. I lost about 8 lbs of b/f. My muscles stayed hard ( but not pumped). I'm definately starting to look cut. My cycle ends at the end of the year, so I'll post new pics then.

  16. Right on. Glad to hear your recovery was quick.

  17. Looking good bro nice size and thickness.

  18. I just wanted to post a recent pic. I'm almost finished my 8 wk cycle(10g 1test, and 5g 4ad). I've lost about 15lbs of b/f probably more. I've gained size in my chest, shoulders, but arms have stayed the same(17"). My waist is way smaller. I'm not sure if u can tell all this from this shot tho. I'm alot more cut all over. I'll post full pics in the new year when my cycle is finished. Post cycle will be nolva.
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  19. Looking good my man. Those abs are looking like there ready to pop through unlike mine... Talk to ya...
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  20. wow gadzid, that looks great man, you did lean out quite a bit! You will be montser in no time, keep pumpin!

  21. You still look good bro. I was surprised to hear an 8 week cycle though. Glad to see you had some good gains. I hope the shoulder doesn't bother you much in the future. Good luck to all your bodybuilding endeavors.

  22. Thanks DarCSA. The 8wk cycle was actually 10g 1-test and 5g 4-ad/ 4wks. I had 2 bottles which lasted 8 wks. I find most of my results (gains) happen after the 4th wk. Its the last hlf of the 8 wk cycle that works for me.
    My shoulder is OK. It only hurts when I do Incline dumbbell presses. I go home and that nite it starts to ache. I just put a heat pack on my shoulder for 15 min, and it's fine. Other than that the physio thrapy helped totally.
    Right now i'm doing 20 mg Nolva twice a day. I'll do this for a total of 3 wks., then another cycle of 1-test and 4-ad. I think I want to make the jump soon. try something real. ( just a thought).
    I'm 221 lbs now. If you read the previous posts you'll see that in October I was 240lbs. That was when I bulked. I can't believe the amount of b/f I'm losing. I'm pretty shure it's the ECA stack thats helping. I always take 200mg cafeine, 25 mg ephedrine and 300mg aspirin. thats a standard every morning, no matter what cycle I'm on. I'll try and get pics done when I get back from the gym today.


  23. Keep us posted. Your a machine. hehehe. Talk to ya..
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  24. shoulders

    man, glad to see your shoulder injury is gettin better. i had rotator cuff tendinitis and didnt listen to the pt or dr....wound up slightly tearin my rotator cuff and then had to have surgery. took about 6 mos b4 they let me even pick up a weight. that was 4 (almost 5) years ago. have made some great gains since and my strength is better than i ever thought would be possible. stay away from behind the neck presses, pulldowns etc. thats how i tore mine...

  25. OK, here are the pics. This is now. I know there's a bit more of a difference in my B/F. I leveled out at 220lbs. I am much leaner than back in Oct. by 20lbs. U can see it in my delt pic. By the way, the pics r ****ty, just bear with me. I'm just finishing up my post cycle, and am deciding where to go next. Probably 10 g 1-test, 5 g 4-ad, and maybe some D-Bol.
    I actually look alot more cut and solid in person than in these photos. it's hard to get the right pic and lighting to do justice.

    ...keep ya posted
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