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  1. Right on. Glad to hear your recovery was quick.

  2. Looking good bro nice size and thickness.

  3. I just wanted to post a recent pic. I'm almost finished my 8 wk cycle(10g 1test, and 5g 4ad). I've lost about 15lbs of b/f probably more. I've gained size in my chest, shoulders, but arms have stayed the same(17"). My waist is way smaller. I'm not sure if u can tell all this from this shot tho. I'm alot more cut all over. I'll post full pics in the new year when my cycle is finished. Post cycle will be nolva.
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  4. Looking good my man. Those abs are looking like there ready to pop through unlike mine... Talk to ya...

  5. wow gadzid, that looks great man, you did lean out quite a bit! You will be montser in no time, keep pumpin!

  6. You still look good bro. I was surprised to hear an 8 week cycle though. Glad to see you had some good gains. I hope the shoulder doesn't bother you much in the future. Good luck to all your bodybuilding endeavors.

  7. Thanks DarCSA. The 8wk cycle was actually 10g 1-test and 5g 4-ad/ 4wks. I had 2 bottles which lasted 8 wks. I find most of my results (gains) happen after the 4th wk. Its the last hlf of the 8 wk cycle that works for me.
    My shoulder is OK. It only hurts when I do Incline dumbbell presses. I go home and that nite it starts to ache. I just put a heat pack on my shoulder for 15 min, and it's fine. Other than that the physio thrapy helped totally.
    Right now i'm doing 20 mg Nolva twice a day. I'll do this for a total of 3 wks., then another cycle of 1-test and 4-ad. I think I want to make the jump soon. try something real. ( just a thought).
    I'm 221 lbs now. If you read the previous posts you'll see that in October I was 240lbs. That was when I bulked. I can't believe the amount of b/f I'm losing. I'm pretty shure it's the ECA stack thats helping. I always take 200mg cafeine, 25 mg ephedrine and 300mg aspirin. thats a standard every morning, no matter what cycle I'm on. I'll try and get pics done when I get back from the gym today.


  8. Keep us posted. Your a machine. hehehe. Talk to ya..
  9. shoulders

    man, glad to see your shoulder injury is gettin better. i had rotator cuff tendinitis and didnt listen to the pt or dr....wound up slightly tearin my rotator cuff and then had to have surgery. took about 6 mos b4 they let me even pick up a weight. that was 4 (almost 5) years ago. have made some great gains since and my strength is better than i ever thought would be possible. stay away from behind the neck presses, pulldowns etc. thats how i tore mine...

  10. OK, here are the pics. This is now. I know there's a bit more of a difference in my B/F. I leveled out at 220lbs. I am much leaner than back in Oct. by 20lbs. U can see it in my delt pic. By the way, the pics r ****ty, just bear with me. I'm just finishing up my post cycle, and am deciding where to go next. Probably 10 g 1-test, 5 g 4-ad, and maybe some D-Bol.
    I actually look alot more cut and solid in person than in these photos. it's hard to get the right pic and lighting to do justice.

    ...keep ya posted
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  11. Looks awsome. Man keep up the good work.. Talk to ya

  12. another
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  13. ...and the usual
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  14. Keep it up bro, You have come a long way from when you were standing by the grill. I know you didnt ask for criticism but if ya want it then i would say work on your bicep peak. Good job fella, and i like the wrist chain

  15. Thanks txwakeskater, I need critisism!


  16. The Deltas are very good... Talk to ya..

  17. Originally posted by txwakeskater
    Keep it up bro, You have come a long way from when you were standing by the grill.
    Thanks, and it was only 6 months ago!

  18. Good job, bro. Looking much leaner.

  19. Great transformation gadzid. You are an inspiration for me and should be for everyone.

    I notice you loose a lot of bady fat when on cycle. I see that you were taking an ECA stack while on but what else did you do to loose that fat and still gain lean muscle?

    What was you diet like bulking or cutting,.. cal. intake?
    Did you do cardio while on cycle? If so how much and where did you fit it into your weight routine?

    I'm wanting to do a little cadio while on my 1-T Pro cycle but afraid of it slowing my gains.

  20. No cardio...I can't I have wicked asthma. As far as losing the b/f while gaining muscle, I just ate tons of protein (MEAT!). Chicken, fish and beef...and lots of it. The other main thing is NO FAT!. I watched everything I ate and made sure it had the lowest possible amount of FAT ( compared to protein and carbs).
    Get your calories mostly from protein, then from carbs if you must. Not from FAT. That's all I did.And u MUST be consistent! No junk between meals, wait till meal time. And eat! even if you're not hungry. regular meals spaced thru the day. If I wanted a snack (sweet fix), I'd eat a protein bar.
    Just don't eat Sh*t food!

  21. Right now my diet is about a 50,40,10 split.
    50%carbs, 40%protein, 10%fat. About 3500 cals a day.
    I only eat fish, chicken, turkey. Red meat about once a week. I don't cheat and I don't snack between my 5 to 6 meals that I have a day.

    I hope my results on my 1-T Pro cylcle were as good as yours were with your homebrew.
    I'm exactly one week in as of tonight. Wieght has increased 1.5 pounds so far. So hopefully with the second week kicking in I will start to see some good gains.

  22. Best o f luck, Bro! Keep me posted.
    I should mention, I also take lots of vitamin supplements.
  23. Right on

    I can relate alot to you man, i have had the shoulder problem, not as severe but behind the neck press almost tore my shoulder off, recovered on my own but took several months of careful training also started taking the Glucosamine/Choindroitan and that seems to have helped over all.

    I just weighed in at 290 my heaviest weight yet, started a 2 nd cycle of 1-T and just waiting on some other stuff to get here to start a full out cycle and want to trim down on this one and going to take what you discussed here about your diet and get rid of all the fat. Doing GVT for the last 2 weeks and its a kick ass routine for bulking.....

    You made great gains, quite a transformation!!

  24. Thanks gdzid. Best of luck to you to. Take care of that shoulder.

    I'll try my best to keep ya posted. I'm leaving on the 27th of Jan. for about 5 weekks. I will be sticking with my diet and training program. I'm keeping a detailed log of my diet, wieght gain, and weight and reps. So when I get back I will let everyone know how I did.

  25. Cool! I look forward to hearing from both of you on your progress. I can't say what i did will work for others, but it worked for me, and thats what I'm goin' by.
    So...EAT, LIFT & GROW!



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