Show PICS From Buffhunk29

  1. Show PICS From Buffhunk29

    Hey guys Show pics here!

    First show has come and gone my bodybuilding cherry has been burst HAHA!

    I took 2 3rd place spots

    Here are some pics form the show and with FNF and Viper the showed up to support!! Great people show what kind of friendships can be made in the world of bodybuilding. It was very humbling for me to see them show up and show their support! Big thanks to them!
    My Parents were AMAZING through the whole prep! Could have done it with out their help and support and love!

    And God for giving me the right tools i need to be able to get up on that stage and show what he has enabled me to build!

    And last but not least ALL my friends and AM Family who have been here with me from the begining! YOU guys ROCK!
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  2. Some More
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  3. Looking good Brother! Feels good to finally be able to say you've actually gotten on stage and competed now, doesn't it??

  4. You guys that get out there and do that have my respect. Great job BH!

  5. Good Legs. Thick Hams . Shorter guys usally have no trouble bulking up fast. Keep up the good-work!!

  6. Congrats man! How did it feel? mad props to u.

  7. Hey guys thanks for all the positive support!!
    I feel good right now after looking back i need to be alittle harder and have dried out more. But that wont happen again in 2 weeks i think i will have it nailed right on the head!

    But it was all fun the whole prep week was a lot of fun!! Great experience!

    Cannt wait to get to the offseaon with a new fire lit under me and a new vision of what i want to achieve now!!

  8. Congrats man on the contest and the placings! Keep up the great work.

  9. Fantastic job!Oh how I wish I had you willpower to get that ripped!

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  10. Great job, looked fantastic. Like others stated, mad props to all who get out and compete.

  11. Thanks for all the support once again guys!! I hope in 11 days i will be able to dial it in even better and bring home a higer placing, if not i will have fun competing anyways!!

  12. well done dude... done yourself proud

  13. Damn Good Job

  14. Thanks guys, just an update for ya i am looking at coming in a lot more dry and harder for this show, feeling very good about this one! 9 more days!

    Then it time for the OFF-SEASON!!!

  15. Which show you doin this time B?

  16. The Toldeo Glass Crown!


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