(posting after pics for baham99)1st Cycle Before Pics (bad webcam shots)

  1. (posting after pics for baham99)1st Cycle Before Pics (bad webcam shots)

    1st Cycle Before Pics (bad webcam shots)

    I want to paint a picture of where I've come from and what kind of genetics I have based on history...

    As of June 1st, 2003
    Age: 21 (9/7/81 Bday)
    Height: 6'0
    Current Weight: 185
    Highest Weight: 190
    Lowest Weight at Current Height: 135
    Current BF%: 13-14%
    Highest BF%: 15%
    Lowest BF%: 5%

    Goals After Cycle:
    Ideal Gross Gains: 215+ (including water and fat)
    Realistic projection: < 210 (due to hard-to-bulk genetics)
    Most pessamistic: 200 lbs. after water loss
    BF%: As high as my body can get, or as low, never cared about leanness.

    40 30 30
    No counting, maximum calories possible, including fats and oils if necessary.
    Protein at 2g/lb body weight.
    (This is not just for this cycle, but have followed this regiment as closely as possible for the large duration of my years training.)

    Years Training: 5
    Body Type: ectomorph (eat about 1000 fat calories a day just to keep current BF% high)
    Philosophy: Bulk as long as possible, desired weight is infinite
    Pyschology: Reverse Anorexia
    Future cutting plans: None.

    Personal Information: Can lose any amount of wait in any amount of time (within reason) naturally without supplements, because my body has always been extremely catabolic. I look like an average endomorph trying to cut down, although the truth is I'm a super ectomorph trying to bulk up by eating all the fat, carb, proteins I can get.

    Been waiting all my life to enter the darkside...finally it's here. Wish me luck.

    Just bought a webcam...I hope I'll have a digital camera for midcyle or post cycle after pics.

    Saw Palmetto, r-ALA, Minoxidil & Azleic Acid, Spironolactin, and the regular stuff.

    1-10 ICN Test Enan. 500mg/w
    1-8 Deca 400g/w
    1-4 Dbol 35mg/w
    9-12 Winny 50mg/day
    12-16 Nolva+Clomid
    10,11,12 HCG 3000/2000/1500

    AAS history: none
    PH history: 1 real cycle, 0 weight gains.
    HPTA suppression succeptibility: extremely vulnerable (low natural libido)
    Gyno succeptibility: we shall see
    Hairloss succeptibility: MPB already beginning, VERY vulnerable
    Acne succeptibility: Virtually perfect on body, very little on face, EXTREMELY bad on edges of beardline / jaw
    Injection Sites in order of preference: Quads, Delts, Chest, Biceps, Glutes, Calves.
    Injection Schedule: Sat/Tues, until Winnys start
    Aspirating blood frequency: never
    Hitting nerve frequency: often
    Total Injection history: 1 month (B12)
    Years at Current "Genetic Plateau": 1

    Training: Just right, rotating often.
    Best body part genetics: Upper chest, traps
    Worst: Lower chest, Lower Lats, Seratus

    Strength on lifts: Never 1RM, never cared, roughly 250lb/250lb for bench and squat.

    So far, it's day 2 of my cycle, and now I wish I had frontloaded w/ prop. Oh well, I'll just have to be a little patient.

    Oh...one final stat, testicular diameter is roughly ...J/K.


  2. That last pic is nice.

    Best of luck b99!

  3. Looking great bro...

  4. Brother, you got one sweeeet a$$.

  5. I wasnt aware that one of those comes at the end of a cycle, i have about 5 weeks left on my first.

    Good luck with your cycle

  6. Well I guess we wont see any updates, it looks like he was banned.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Noshirt52 View Post
    Strong 9 year bump, lol


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