Summer 2003 Member Pics Contest!!

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  1. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    thanx guys! yeah i trained soooo wrong for the longest time, im surprised i was still growing.. i ate wrong as well.. now that i have been doing both those right im gaining like a madman.. so we will see where i get to.. maybe one day ill be able to take the "most massive" category instead of best transformation..
    maybe you were not training wrong...maybe the way you train works for you. If you were growing like must be doing something right.

    good job man.

  2. so ww7 wheres the new pictures bro

  3. Originally posted by motleybreu
    so ww7 wheres the new pictures bro
    They are coming bro. Be a little later in the contest though.

  4. AlexParty
    AlexParty's Avatar

    Hey Pete, awsome pics. Ur my motivation brother
  5. AlexParty
    AlexParty's Avatar

    By the way pete, how tall r u?

  6. Originally posted by AlexParty
    Hey Pete, awsome pics. Ur my motivation brother

    Now, I just need to motivate you into clearing your PM box when you write me..

    Thanks alot, brother!

    Originally posted by AlexParty
    By the way pete, how tall r u?
    I'm 5 feet, 9 inches, right now I weigh !*^lbs..

    **weight is not an issue**

  7. Originally posted by Sheesh

    Your back is my back's hero.
    lol, exactly!

    looking swole as all hell Pete, I expect nothing less brother!!
  8. AlexParty
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    Hey Pete,

    haha ya I will clear it, I was wondering why u weren't writing :P, later brother.

  9. I wrote you to alex....
  10. AlexParty
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    Ya I know lol, I thought I pissed you guys off or something. Ok Will clear now, thanks pete and Winds

  11. You bet Alex!

    Let's get some more pics up!

  12. This is a great idea.. I will post some pics within the next 2 weeks or so. Just working on my tan at the moment ...
  13. AlexParty
    AlexParty's Avatar

    Try and maintain the tan. I maintain once a week. Twice if I want to look extra tanned.

  14. Well I have heard that we are going to have some more big entries coming up here before to long so this should be an exciting contest this year!

  15. Well, I will see if I can try and find some old before pics somewhere. Here are a few that are fairly recent. Trying to gain some size as well as overcome some major rotator cuff tendonitis. I will post some more later if all start to come back.

  16. Well, that did not work. Let's try again.
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  17. one more
    Last edited by jweave23; 06-08-2003 at 03:30 AM.

  18. I chopped that last one down for you 2getHUGE

  19. Thanks. I had that one scanned so it had alot of extra on the sides. Cool.

  20. Looking awesome 2getHUGE. Your forearms are sweet as hell. :-)

  21. Looking good 2get! Keep it up bro!
  22. AlexParty
    AlexParty's Avatar

    Excellent job my friend

  23. Keep those pictures coming!

  24. I'm sure I'm not nearly as big or as cut as a lot of you guys but this thread is lacking pictures so here's one of mine for the General category.

  25. Hey gangstajdog, your looking good, a bit more mass and you'd look awesome..

  26. Thanks for adding in your pic jdog.

  27. way to go jdog--i think ill be taking one of me for the general category to or for the before and after if i can find a good before--i think i may have one from halloween (i was stone cold just wearing a vest, looking like i drank too many steveweisers though)

  28. Looking good guys

    Calling Chemo & Benz! Let's see em!

    Lake nice work. You managed to put on a lot of great mass quickly.

    Pete you already know you are an animal.

  29. ok we can add these to the general category, these show my improvements while working with swolecat: started on swolegenix, then moved onto swoledup

  30. another back shot...............
  31. AlexParty
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    Nice work goes4ever!

  32. From my comp last august...


  33. another.....

  34. Looking good dam, any recent pics?

  35. another....

  36. Originally posted by windwords7
    Looking good dam, any recent pics?
    Thanks bro...I only have one recent pic.....from beginning of may....I will try to take some more....


  37. nice back, post some more

  38. FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! You look great. I wish I could get my legs like that. Great job!!!!! What are your stats?

  39. In the first pictures I was 5'9.5" or so, 168 lbs....don't know other stats....I currently weight 195, Right arm is a little over 18 and left arm is a little over 17.5......don't know any other stats....


  40. That's mainly what I was curious about. Your about my height but weigh 10lbs more at contest weight, so that means I need to gain 10lbs or so to look that good! Just hope my legs can get some of that ! I weigh @185 now. The most ever!!!!!!! Once again, great job!


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