Cut to begin, pics and some advice

  1. Cut to begin, pics and some advice

    6' 2" 230lbs. I think a reasonable drop would be 15lbs. I dont beleive I have the knowledge OR guts to drop weight until the 6 pack is there so I dont think I wanna drop a huge amount of weight. Plus I would like to keep my strengths. My plan for right now is 2 cardio days a week 30min each about 150bpm, knock out the junk food, and aim for 250g protein a day, wherever the calories land is where I will be. Basically the goal for this summer ( 5 months) is to be lean as possible without dropping below a 275x5 bench press which is currently at 345x1. Any advice from the vets and the big guys would be awesome.

    Oh basically the diet would look like this
    Protein shake possibly oatmeal again in the morning to

    protein bar

    I plan to have 2 cans tuna, possibly a fruit and others, not sure yet

    protein bar


    after workout

    p.s sorry for the black marks, remodling an apartment with phone in the pocket isnt a good idea

  2. You will look enormous when you reach your goal. I'm not sure you are eating enough calories though. I would add some eggs for breakfast too. For dieting it's protein and long acting whole grain carbs. I have had success with little to no carbs after 8pm.

  3. It does seem like that is too few calories for a guy your size. Try this website How Many Calories Per Day do You Need? Caloric Needs Calculator for weight loss ~ use this to find your daily calorie needs. After finding that subtract 500 calories from it to begin and measure your gains weekly with the scale but more importantly the mirror.

    I would personally suggest dropping the protin bars or limit them as much as possible as they arent your best friend on a cut. Good snacks would be healthy nuts or other healthy sources of protein or fat (keeping it within your calorie limits and timeing)

    Also you are going to want to add in a pre bed time meal to keep your body satisfied over night.

    As far as cardio your plan is good but you may want to look into empty stomach cardio in the morning and if you have the availabilty incorporate that into your regimine and youll be good to go.

  4. ouch even if I was light active I would need 4100 cals to maintain the weight, otherwise is 4400.

    I guess I need to make up some potatos and brown rice then, as for cardio in the morning, no can do. Gym its open at 530am, and Im out the door for work shortly after!

    Ill drop the protein bars, and pick up some nuts. I think I still have some almonds laying around.. Thanks!

  5. Yeah, I would increase your protein intake, since you will be dropping carbs(less carbs) I like to get my meals from whole foods rather than shakes/bars. If you like them, stick with them for pre and post workout only. The rest of your meals should be from whole foods. I feel you will have better results this way. Your metabolism will work better since it will have to break down the whole food sources. You will just have to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Everybody responds differently to different situations.

  6. Looking good, agree stay away from the Pbars.

    You will be surprised how fast you will lose 15 pounds ( alot of water weight). When i diet, i usually lose a good 8 pounds in the first two weeks because of this.

    Good Luck.


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