starting my first test cycle

  1. starting my first test cycle

    Im starting my first cycle of test enan for 10 weeks.

    took my first injection about a week ago. 600mg a week.
    eating around 4000 cals a day, good/clean food. goal is to gain 10-15 lbs, and keep it all after pct

    anyways, these are pics before my cycle, and i will post new pics ever 2 weeks, hoefully being able to notice a difference. i will also post gains by lbs, and different excersizes.

    first cycle - im stoked!! hope i do well
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  2. good luck

  3. day 21, from my first test enan injection. not many gains yet,
    but feel stronger. started feeling test strongly at day 18'ish
    i always am horny and get a lot of more boners.

    changed my diet a little, added more vegatable and about 2 gallons of whole milk a week.

    starting 167lbs.
    day 21 up 3 pounds to 170.

    split 1
    -wide grip bench press - 3x10 - 185lbs
    day 21 - (start 5x5 routine) 5x5 - 185 /185 /185 /190 /195/

    -lat pull down - 3x10 -135lbs
    day 21 - 3x10 -140lbs

    -wide grip incline press - 3x 10 -145lbs
    day 21 - 3x10 same
    -lat rows - 3x10 - 145lbs
    day 21 - 3x10 - 155lbs

    split 2
    -shoulder push press(standing up, 5x5) - 115lbs
    day 21 - 115lbs

    -Curls - 3x10 - 75/75/75
    day 21 - 3x10 - 75/75/85

    -Upright Rows - 95/95/95
    day 21 - 95/100/105

    -behind the neck press( sitting, 5x5) - 135/135/135/135/135
    day 21 - 5x5 - 135/135/140/145/145
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  4. ever do "prohormones/legal gear" ? If not, you look like you will make a big change, you have a good base to start with. I wish you luck.

  5. Why so much milk?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ripped1
    Why so much milk?

    high in calories.

    not like a drink it constantly, but i drink it with most of my major meals and with my protein shakes

  7. Just curious, thanks

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Ripped1
    Just curious, thanks

    nice tat btw, i wish i could see more detalied though

  9. email me at [email protected].

    Ill try to dig up the pics form it.


  10. looking good. loving the tat as well. I'm about to start my lifting up again. had surgery on the shoulder and about to be back. good luck my man, keep up the good work

  11. anymore pics?
  12. Smile

    you will do great...nice base...also love the tat...I see lots of tats on this site...hardcore I guess ...

    eagleye...what did you have done to the shoulder? I've had both shoulders scoped. The left one came back great. The right has still not gotten back to pre surgery levels and its been over a year...same doctor so no issues there. doc says thats the way it goes sometimes...less damage to the right also...go figure...good luck brutha
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