Pics from my last photo shooting!

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  1. Pics from my last photo shooting!

    here some pics from my last photo shooting! I hope you liked them.



  2. Looking great dude. Great definition.

  3. i only wish!!!!!!!!!! god that would be nice ......

  4. pretty nasty man. (as Sage's confidence just plummits) Sage

  5. nice, bro. really nice.

  6. Why do I smell BS? Bro has NO posts and posts the same info at 'bolex as well, where he has no posts either. Something isnt right here.

    If he contacts any bro here..please let me know.

  7. Yeah, he may not really be serkan but serkan is real nonetheless. His first posts here were also pics. Let me see if I can find him. Nonetheless, the dude looks good.

  8. Thing that bothers me is that if you have such a great physique, why not add some insight as to how you attained it? What is your purpose to coming to this board? Are you looking for the members to kiss your big ass?

    He is most likely just using the boards as a marketing tool. After all, where better to hit a target audience.

  9. Bingo bro..he is probably hoping for those "what drugs did you use" emails..then watch the scam. Thats why I am warning people to watch out. I have seen THIS game before

  10. Let's just ban him.....

  11. Could be BS, but I'm not so sure. His IP addy is German, to me it seems like he could be a pro who just doesn't exactly communicate our way, kind of like the Russian guys you see on some boards, it's hilarious when they try to type in English; they're kind of half on, half off.

  12. Hello,
    im Serkan Cetin and im not using this board as a marketing tool!
    I think here are a lot of members which are interested in to see some good european athletes. If anyone wanted to know something i will answer it. Drug questions i will not reply because im here with my real name and pics.


  13. Hello,
    here some informations about me and my training!

    I was born at 03.10.1973 in Dsseldorf in Germany
    Heigh: 169cm
    Weight: Normal 90-92kg, Contest 85kg
    At this time my bodyfat ist 8%.
    Arm 47,5
    Legs 73cm
    Waist 80cm
    Im 4 time turkisch champion and 2 time german champion (won the 2nd titel 2 weeks before) and 5th place in last universe show.
    My next goal is to win in november the ifbb universe show in mumbai and get the pro card.

    Im not one of this guys which looks only at the competition like a bodybuilder,
    I will look every time like a bodybuilder and that my nutrion looks accordingly.
    I eat always clean, except one day in a week i eat what i want.
    You can book me everytime for guestposing or a photo shoot.

    The first plan marks the start of the contest diest beginning with week 10 before a contest, the second plan starts in week 6. Every two weeks i reduce my carbohydrate uptake and simultaneously increase my protein consumptation. Dairy products are eliminated from menu 8 weeks befor the contest. Six week out i sustitute pasta for rice and i avoid protein powders. During this phase the only food i consume includes: Chicken breast, egg white, rice, oatmeal, nuts, tomatos, salad and some vegetable.
    Due to the fact that i am only a few pound away from my contest weight and reduce my carbs only slowly, with still enough calories, i am able to keep my good mood and maintain strengh for the hard workouts.For cutting i have the best results with low carbs, high protein and essentiell fats. For off season i think 50% Protein 50% Carbs and 20% Fat is good to make advance and look like a bodybuilder.

    10 weeks before contest:

    Apple Sauce (diet)
    Protein Powder (with water)

    Before training: BCAAS an Glutamin

    After training: BCAAS,Creatin, Glutamin+ Dextrose
    20min later: Whey Protein shake

    Chicken breast
    Flaxseed oil

    Protein Powder

    Chicken breast
    Flaxseed oil

    Protein Powder

    10 Egg white

    Protein Powder

    4 Weeks before the contest:

    Egg white
    Apple Sauce

    Before Training: BCAAS+ Glutamin
    After Training : BCAAS+ Glutamin

    Chicken breast
    Flaxseed oil

    Chicken breast
    Thisle oil

    Chicken breast

    Chicken breast

    Chicken breast

    Chicken breast

    Before sleeping: Glutamin


    Similar to my nutrition my training has continued to develop until today (medium heavy to heavy weights with reps between 6-12). I prefer to do at least two heavy exercises in every session in the range of 6-8 reps. For large muscles groups i do 8-10 sets (warm-up included) and for smaller ones i do six. As only given 100% in my workout gives me a good feeling and leaves me satisfied, i train with high intensity all year round. I have no problems with overtraining as i give my body enough time for recuction and the necessary nutrients. My pre-contest training differs from the current one only slightly. Fat reduction is achieved through cardio training and corresponding diet. When trying to gain mass as well as pre-contest i train between 4-5 days a week.
    I train cardio 5 times a week also in off season.

    On season:

    Tell us your gym workout routine while preparing for a competition

    Do put more energy in strength training while preparing for a competition, or do you like to concentrate on cardio, maybe both?

    A typical training routine before a competition:

    Barbell rows
    One-arm rowing machine
    Pull-ups to the front
    Lat pull-down (underhand grip)

    Triceps pushdown(cambered bar)
    Frensch press
    Cable triceps pushdown

    Abdominals: Crunch machine

    30min Stairmaster

    Legs and calves

    Leg press
    Leg extension
    Standing leg curl
    Lying leg curl

    Calve raises, alterating standing and seated vesion

    Wednesday: 30min Stationary bike


    Barbell bensch press
    Dumbell incline press
    Dumbell flys
    Butterfly or pull over

    Barbell curl (cambered bar)
    Concentration curls
    Hammer curls

    Abs: Crunch machine
    30min. Stairmaster

    Friday: 30min Stationary bike


    Dumbell press or machine
    Lateral rises
    Rear deltoid machine

    Lying leg curl
    Standing leg curl

    This is a sample for one training week. The exercisr order changed in every workout in order to avoid boredom and ti shock my body always wit new things. After all those years i seldom suffer from delayed- onset muscle soreness.

    I use different supps and i belive in theire affect.
    My basic supps are:
    Protein powder ( Whey and milk+egg)
    Multi Vitamin+ Mineral caps

    Everyone which could not satisfy his protein requirements with food should try a good protein powder. This is the easiest way to give youre body high quality protein to build muscles.
    Creatin is the next that everyone can try with good succes. There are enough studies about this supplements that it works.
    The other supps are better for people which train more serious.

    Ok, i think that answerd a lot of questions


  14. Nice info serkan. Nice pics also very defined. Keep up the good work and good luck in your competitions. Also Fella's I don't think he's a salesman.

  15. If he's not, I'll be the first to apologize. But, for now I'm still skeptical.

  16. Originally posted by bow
    If he's not, I'll be the first to apologize. But, for now I'm still skeptical.
    Well, you can't really ask for much more than he just gave us I think. I don't really care either way as long as it doesn't effect anyone here, so I'll choose to believe him.
  17. Thumbs up Serkan!

    Serkan is exactly who he says he is. You can do a search and find his pics. He is no scammer, and the advice he just gave is worth 1000X that amount of advice from people not in his league.

    Serkan, you are certainly welcome here, and I want to thank you for the time you took to write that lengthy and informative post. You have one of the best balanced physiques I have ever seen Thanks again for sharing both pics and advice.

  18. Excellent info Serkan. I think you just received the most jacked dude on here. At least from what I have seen. Hopefully T1 Final is your core supplement LOL!
  19. Re: Serkan!

    Originally posted by John Benz
    Serkan is exactly who he says he is. You can do a search and find his pics. He is no scammer, and the advice he just gave is worth 1000X that amount of advice from people not in his league.

    In that case, my sincerest apologies. It was not my intent to be a hard ass, I just have seen to may scammers visit boards with the expressed purpose of taking advantage of the members. Again, I apologize and look foreward to your input. I will now go crawl back into my hole

  20. JB, with all due respect, he posted the exact same cut and paste info to 4 other boards, some of who didn't even ask for the info.

    Sorry if I am overly protective, I just honestly do not see the motive behind this.

  21. I saw that as well, but I think he is just proud of his accomplishments and wants to get some praise and feedback. Remember, he posted a huge set of pics on more than 4 boards over a month ago, but never scammed or advertised. Just asked for feedback.

  22. The dudes German...he don't speak english the same way we do...Im pretty sure hes who hes saying he is...

    Good Job Serkan...Keep up the good work...Hope to see you at the Olympia

  23. Looking great Serkan!


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