13 weeks out

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  1. 13 weeks out

    hey guys i am 13 weeksout of my first show so i though i would share some recent pics with you guys.

    i am working with mike elias he is doing my prep

    so here we go
    let me know what you think i am 196 in these pics
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  2. i wasjust having some fun with these ones
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  3. Looking good at 13 weeks man. Although I do hate commenting on someone named "buffhunk" Ubi gets jealous

  4. Nice Vacuum! You have some strong points, namely your bis and quads.

    I think you'll do well for a first show for sure.. You look great for 13 weeks out.. the progress should be stellar from here on out. Sounds like you have a good prep guy too.

    Jay, I don't get jealous, it's all love.

  5. haha i understand

    thanks bro we got about 18pounds to go i believe!!

  6. you looking good man.... i'm pumped to see the final results

  7. Looks good for 13 weeks out. I would work on your chest more as well as widening your lats.
    What weight are you wanting to come in at for the show?

  8. nvr2 we are looking to come in at 176 ish.

    i will be working onthe chest in the offseason deff

  9. yea ide say in the off season work on overall back and chest. arms and legs look great though.

  10. nice pics brother... coming along real well < thats for the both of us

  11. thanks tops yes indeed after or shows we will have some food like that until then its one the straight and narrow

  12. Those quads are going to look pretty sick when you get to the end. Nice work!

  13. thanks ryano i sure hope so after all those long hard leg days haha better pay off for me!

    i will have 11 weeks out pics up for you guys next weekend so stay tuned .

  14. hey guys here is a preview of this weekends 11 week out pics

    just a few from last night 11 weeks and 5 days out in these here!!
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  15. hey we have the same abs..dont you hate how they dont match...jealous ****s in hs us to tease me about that.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Travis71902
    your just posting to post ... please stop posting spam in this thread.
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  17. haha yeah whatsa i dont think mine are too off center

  18. Looking good.

  19. damn bro, you come in at 176 shredded you will be nasty. I was only 171 but damn never had wheels like that

  20. thanks ripped check these out here are the 11 week out pics

  21. here are the first ones
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  22. the last ones lets here it guys
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  23. oops front bi here
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  24. good job i will be watching to see how you are looking at <4 weeks

  25. dude you look fantastic. Thick and already lean. Your posing looks real good, it is funny how many people stil try to flare there are and chest out on the side mandatory shots. Judges hate when contestants try to look bigger from the side. The only pose I would say you might want to work on is your front lat spreads. You biceps look big as hell but you are not flaring your back enough. You have it man show it.

    As far as being 11 weeks out I was thinking of you last night when i was looking at posts. Oh did I mention I was about 7 Captain and Egg Nogs deep. Tough time to be training, I went thru it last year was. Keep up the good work and don't forget he who doesn't cheat on the diet will most likely win.

  26. thanks ripped and piston!

    yeah it has been harder through the holidays bt it is one of those this that you just have to do. i am starting to get to the point where i have been dieting to long to cheat haha so i dont even care about most cheat food although i would like some bread haha!!

    but thanks for the good coments guys they deff help me know that i am still on track and its keeps me going

  27. hey you can still have that one cheat meal and it would not kill you. I have cheatd in shows up to 6 weeks out. But when you loose you have that on your mind. If I had not cheated where would I have been.

    Hey you got your gear figured for last 8 weeks?

  28. ripped i am natural no gear here 100% clean, i am using the tri lean system right now, along with powerful try to keep some muscle also xtend


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