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  1. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    thanks for the kind words, i really appreciate them

    i'm certainly not looking to compete professionally ... i'm NO WHERE i mean NO WHERE near the level that national competitors are and have no hopes of ever getting a pro card .. hell i don't even want to compete ever again .. way too much hard work at the expense of having an enjoyable life .. i just like being in decent shape
    Aren't you going to be the next Rick Collins?

  2. something like that

  3. Decent shape! Haha!

  4. I could never get into the shape you're in without almost physically falling apart.. I was in the best shape of my life at 140lbs (I'm 5ft7in) doing mixed martial arts (mostly muay thai, bjj and boxing) 6 days a week. I ate perfectly and lifted weights 5 days a week. I basically worked, trained and slept. My bodyfat was probably still at 15% or even a little higher.

  5. I think we should initiate Glen into the *club* Ubi...

  6. Glen's been a member since it started my friend. It's implied but never has been said, as with many *secret* members.


  7. damn glen, you've put some quality size on since last time. turning into a tank brutha, keep at it.

  8. Bump nice work Glen, looking thick and cut brother.

  9. looking good, man. I have the same stats 5'8" 205lb, except I'm fat LOL

  10. Nice work Glen!

  11. Wow. You seriously have the perfect build (IMO). Do you have any idea how much someone who was 6ft would have to weigh to look like you? I noticed you were vertically challenged at 5'8"...

  12. wow thank you so much i really appreciate it!

    that's a really really hard question to answer .. so much depends on frame, bone structure, size of joints, muscle density, where one carries fat, etc.

    but seeing as i'm a little over 68 inches and around 205 .. that's roughly 3 pounds an inch .. you're 4 inches taller .. so i guess around 217-220? .. again there are SO many variables that come into play its pretty much impossible to answer

  13. Damn fast metabolism bastards!! lol j/k glen you look great man. I dont get that lean until 6 weeks out or so (i'm a fatty). I'm tipping (literally) the scales at 280 these days, but I did manage to reach that goal without GH and slin which was nice. Anyway not to stray from the topic. Lookin good and keep it up!!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    Glen's been a member since it started my friend. It's implied but never has been said, as with many *secret* members.

    haha thats ssoooooo mean. im so friggin curious now!


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