My back

  1. My back

    Just a quick pic of my back . Need some advice on what to work on .
    5'10 182 pounds .
    Just started doin deadlifts 3 weeks ago.

  2. Deads are great.Myself I like heavy rows( bent or seated)Also straight arm lat pulldowns give me look good and these exercises done HEAVY will make you thick and wide .Good luck

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  3. deadlifts, rack deads, BB rows, wide grip pull ups, wide grip lat pulldowns

    those are my favorite movements back thickess and back width ... use good form and don't be stupid with weights .. don't overtrain also

  4. overtraining i think is my biggest problem with my arms
    Also i think my traps are laggin

    For back im gonna be doing

    lat pull down 3 sets
    pull ups 3 sets
    dead lift 3 sets
    bb rows 3 sets

    All this once a week

  5. Lookin' good! Nice taper and shoulders!

    A little constructive criticism...

    I was going to say you could bring up your arms and traps, but you already know that. What does your current arm routine look like?

    Your back workout looks pretty good, very similiar to mine. Might want to throw in some good mornings or hypers into the mix to strengthen your lower back for deadlifts. Great idea to start incorporating them into your workouts, your back is really going to take off now.

    Thanks for pics and keep us updated!

    Take care,


  6. biceps and triceps i was workin them out twice a week around 20 sets total for each.

    Now biceps will be

    3 sets of straight bar curls
    3 sets of preacher curls
    3 sets of incline curls


    3 sets of tricep pushdowns
    3 sets of overhead ext.
    3 sets of skull crushers

  7. to be honest i still think you're going to overtrain this way ... more specifically i think you could train less and smarter and make better gains

    check out my log (the first part) and ubiquitious' log in the workout logs .. i guarantee you'll see great gains on a workout like these

  8. thats no where near enough sets for back

  9. some good advice here from other members..i would incorporate and try different sets and rep schemes, different variety of exercises that trains the entire back, and find what responds to YOU best. my best advice i could give is train your back as heavy as you can, but focus on FEELING the exercise in your back. concentrate on the contraction, the pump. it's easy to get carried away and use to much weight, which looks great, but causes little muscle stimulation for the entire back region. so train heavy, but don't sacrifice form and feel.


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