Need advice!!!

  1. Need advice!!!

    These are about a year and a half apart. Obviously the first one was right after last summer. I since then had some bad **** happen and I took a few months. Then this summer I couldn't workout because of my job and gym hours. Since then I have put on about 25 pounds and I know a lot is fat but I like to think I put on some more muscle. I started right when school started to get my muscle and strength back up. All of my lifts are up a lot since then. I need a new tux 2becuase the chest and shoulders are too small, but I can't see any change in these pics. The more I look the most pissed I get because it seems like I spent a year putting on fat! Please give me opinions and suggestions!
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  2. Your front delts & traps do look bigger, you may later see bigger biceps after a cutting cycle as usually you will not see alot of definition after gaining weight. I do not see a bunch of fat. Hang in there !

  3. If you had that much time off you will blow up muscle wise in the first few months.Dont get discouraged you look good and you have a great foundtion.In a few more months youll be bigger look bigger and be leaner and then it will all be worth it.

    I know where your coming from. Im only 3 weeks back training after a year off .Im 30+ pounds lighter than 1 yr ago the only problem is I lost more muscle than fat thats for sure.

    Remember the battle grounds in your mind.Conquer the mind and the body must follow.Keep positive and with good training,diet and rest youll be better than youve ever been sooner than you think.Good Luck

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths . Proverbs 3:5-6

  4. Thanks for the support guys! Taking time off does a lot to ones mind. I plan on cutting down and once my ass can get back into doing cardio consistently it should be fine. Hopefully I will find more mass hidden underneath the added fat!

  5. delts look bigger to me!

  6. the delts have improved and im not seeing the fat like you say.

  7. yea your prolly thinkin your fatter in that pic because you have a tan in one pic and no tan in the other pic.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by superman20
    yea your prolly thinkin your fatter in that pic because you have a tan in one pic and no tan in the other pic.
    That and also the fact that my pants all dont fit me now. A little in the waist but I think my glutes have gotten bigger and quads because my pants won't fit to get up to my waist, and if I get them there they are really tight.


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