Halloween Pic

  1. Halloween Pic

    People keep asking what my avy pic is so i thought id better post. I was very proud of my axe murderer costume for halloween. I got to scare little kids at the haunted house and it was quite excellent. Looking at the pic makes me realize its time to start leaning out and go on my cut however.. Not looking forward to the grueling diet ahead ..

  2. I should have thought of that one for halloween..great job.

  3. I like it!!........ Very cool.

  4. Yeah man, you're a fat ass...****er. If I had your injury that you had I would be about 50 pounds heavier and that pic would of been me sitting at the computer with a cheeseburger.

    ****, that hit way too close to home.

  5. Nice costume man.. I thought your avatar was from a horror movie !!!

  6. You should put that Halloween pic as your avatar

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Son Of Man
    You should put that Halloween pic as your avatar
    Done. haha

  8. F'n Awesome Bro, you look like a maniac!!


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