MY transformation

  1. MY transformation

    Tell me what you guys think of this transformation. Took about a year and a half but i went from 6 ft at 135lbs to 6 ft at 190. These pics pretty much show the beginning middle and end....def sacrificed some definition for sizelol.
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  2. Good job.
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  3. Very nice progress. A 55lb gain is quite impressive. Keep it up!

  4. Nice brah, natty?

  5. Well I never took any test boosters i just tried a few different types of creatine i.e. cell tech, sizeon, phosphagen hp and nitrix one time. I of course watn to try a cycle of halodrol and gain another 7-10lbs but im far to young since im only 19

  6. At the age you are you can easily keep gaining without using anything other than what you have. Nice work.

  7. skinny dude at first. nice work though

  8. Looking good my brother, looking good.

  9. hey Jon629, what creatine do you believe did its job the best?

  10. Nice JOB!!! IF you cut a little you would look SHREDDED.


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