arm-shot going bulking!

  1. arm-shot going bulking!

    Here's pic of my arm. Planning on doing a bulk-period with the NHA-stack and hopefully buil some more mass!(i will post an after-pic) Im 194 cm so it's hard to look thick! I hate the fact that 16,5 " doesn' look that much at my height

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  2. Where is the pic?

  3. sorry!

  4. Sorry. For some reason I saw no attachment the first time I opened the thread.

  5. you say ur arms are 16.5?

  6. how much is 194cm? will wait for the after pic. wish you luck. dont forget the other bodyparts i.e. i hope youre not a bicep man.

  7. Yes if 16,5" is about 42 cm? Dont u trust me? You hurt my feelings! Im european and use different units. 194cm is about 6,37 ft.

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  8. Work on your tri's!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Cuffs
    Work on your tri's!
    I second that motion.

  10. I would slam your shoulders if I were you It will make your arms appear bigger .

  11. Im slamming both tri's and shoulder with basic exercises like millitary press, french press etc. I hope im going in the right direction. I appreciate and second your oppinions.


  12. Hey Dr Ozz,

    Best of luck on your journey.

    BTW I would slam dirty south muscle with a 45lb plate Ha just kidding DSM

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  13. I only speak the truth, I rock 20" arms and have a friend with better shoulders but 18"s and His looks 2xs bigger than mine.

  14. Total perception. Being lean and solid tris will yeild better lookin guns than just big arms. Mine are 18 but because of the high BF% look smaller than someone ripped at 16.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by dirtysouthmuscl
    I only speak the truth, I rock 20" arms and have a friend with better shoulders but 18"s and His looks 2xs bigger than mine.
    I hate that! You see a small dude sporting some muscle on a lean frame and you hear, especially the chicks who go ga-ga, saying how huge he is. Then they turn to you and ask you why you don't look like that...WTF?!? I'm not putting the smaller dudes down, by any means. It just goes to show a lot of it is illusion and proportion.

  16. In my current routine I do shoulders once a week. Should I run that up to twice?? I norammly do 3 sets x 8 millitary press in smith at about 170 Ib, 3 sets x 8 of Flyes at 40 lb and some kind of isolating mashine 3 sets. Of course I don't do the same every week;-) Milliary shifts to db-press and so on.
    Any thoughts on that??


  17. Im so with you Cuffs, And Dr . Im not a fn of Smith machine presses, It takes out the smaller muscles . And dude I would do about 6 sets of presses thats your butter. Always your basics ( power moves ) Deadlift, bench , press,etc. Those I do about 6 sets of heavy. Then do Iso's. If there no muscle there Iso's dont have anything to work on. Or should I say Iso moves are for after you have size then you use those for fine tuning.

  18. Jonny bravo

  19. nice peak


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