1 year progress pics.

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  1. 1 year progress pics.

    Well I've been training for a year now. In all honesty, I think I should have made better progress but I did what I could.

    I know I need to hit my lats and traps harder, but nothing I do makes them grow. Oh well, heres the pics. I will update original post tomorrow with leg pics. Let me know what you think.

    Here are the before's. 6' 145-150ish.

    And here are the afters @ 168. I got up to 184lbs but then decided I wanted to lose some weight so I would look more cut. That was a terrible decision on my part.

  2. what are you talking about? That is GREAT progress for a year. Good job bro, you're looking good.

  3. yeah dood thats great man! keep it up...what routine r u doin?

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  5. Awesome progress, seriously, keep up the good work. You really put on some nice thickness and size.

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  6. Thanks for the compliments guys. Anyone have any input on what to do for lats/traps?

    And here is my leg pic.

  7. I have to agree for one year your progress is GREAT!

  8. Yep, good stuff for a year...definitely. Crush that back now.

  9. Definetely some amazing progress. Nice work.
  10. B4n3 0n3
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    Those pics are hilariouse with the funny faces.

  11. Yup Yup a lot of change there, keep up the good work!

  12. I don't know what type of workout you're on but the exercises to do for a "bigger" back are heavy rows, deadlifts and things of that nature. It looks like you're just at the beginning of your training so go with basic, compound and heavy movements. Make your back big and thick and then fine tune it after a while.

    Good luck dude. Great progress once again.

  13. Wow!
    Man seriously,your hard work is really paying off.
    Looking good

  14. Yeah man, that's big progress for a year. Good job! Keep on goin'.

  15. Nice progress!

  16. Agreed..awsome progress for a year! I would just keep doin what your doin.

  17. huge improvement man, great job.

    How old are ya? Still bulking now?

  18. Very Nice gains man... I am like the rest of the peeps on here.. Whats your routine look like, and what kinda sups or anything else are you taking...

    Awsome work..

  19. real nice keep working.i love the dave chapell face!!!!!!

  20. Dont sell yourself short bro. Yu have made great progress in a year.

    Keep it up

  21. hey man for one year you are in great shape. I would keep up what you are doing. If you are having trouble with your back try doing wide grip pullups 2 tijes a week

  22. I am glad to see that you work legs, and for 1 year thats some good progress!

  23. Thats a great transformation in one year you must have been eating big and working out hard!

  24. Nice progress for a year. You can definately see an improvement. As far as bigger back and traps go I like to wide-grip front pulldowns. That expands the upper lats nicely. And stick with heavy bent rows, deadlifts, ect. for back. Traps I hit barbell shrugs heavy and to shock my system I will through in behind the back barbell shrugs every once in a while.

  25. Your doin great brother. Keep up the hard work and remember what your doin it for. Its hard to see progress cause you look at yourself every ****in day (if your like me a couple hundred a day) but things are lookin good.


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