quick glenihan shot

  1. quick glenihan shot

    I took this today with my crappy camera phone so the quality is awful .. i'm 5'8 205 around 12%
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  2. Are you going to do any more BB'ing contests Glen?

  3. nope .. i had no fun at all the last few weeks and even the day of the show i just felt like sh*t and had NO social life at all

    i'm still trying to gain mass and get bigger just not to get into show condition .. i'll still strive to be 9% or so in the summer months .. but i'm fine staying 12% in the winter ... i don't hardcore bulk .. i think you gain more water and fat .. but not more muscle

  4. Awesome ****in build man. Love the arms. So have ya done a nickel? :P

  5. Lookin awesome dude.

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  6. You are looking badazz bro!!
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  7. Yeah really nice arms Glen! Looking lean!

  8. You skinny [email protected]! Looking good dude.

  9. very inspiring, im 6.1 and currently 233 lbs @ 17% BF and dieting down hoping to reach somthing between 10-12%

  10. Look really good Glen, cant even tell you didnt lift much all the past few months. Should get some really good gains now that you are hitting it hard again.


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